Community-Driven Exchange Listing Proposal

A little while ago @Birdinc1 reached out to discuss the following:

Since then, we have worked on putting together a proposal for how the community can help to facilitate expanding MAID’s exchange footprint. Please see the draft proposal below and share feedback by taking the survey and responding to this topic.

Objectives: Expand the range of exchanges listing MAID (and subsequently Safecoin). This will enable investors, traders, developers, and consumers to better support and promote the SAFE Network’s mission to provide “Freedom of expression, control of personal data, private and secure communications; and a whole new economy”.

Method: Leveraging his extensive network and experience negotiating coin and token listings, @Birdinc1 (David Jefferys) will facilitate conversation with exchanges. He is also able to handle in-bound requests on behalf of the MaidSafe team. Also, @Sotros25 or a community nominee will connect the exchanges with the MaidSafe developers for integration as needed. The time requirement for the MaidSafe team is expected to be minimal.

To be considered a target, an exchange must 1) have meaningful real trade volume, 2) maintain a decent reputation

David will leverage his expertise to continually assess the changing landscape for crypto:crypto and fiat:crypto exchanges.

A three-phased approach will expand the exchange footprint for MAID (and subsequently Safecoin).

  • Phase 1: Focuses on smaller community-friendly exchanges with minimal listing fees.

    • Ionomy (not yet ranked on Coinmarket Cap)
    • Altilly
    • ProBit (Korea)
  • Phase 2: Focuses on mid-tier exchanges, which may require moderate listing fees.

    • Bitfinex
    • Bithumb
    • UPbit
    • ZB.Com
    • KuCoin
    • OKEx
  • Phase 3: Focuses on large exchanges, which typically require significant listing fees.

    • Binance
    • Kraken
    • Coinbase (Rosseta integration)
    • BitFlyer

Work on Phase 1 can begin immediately. Phase 2 would be best coordinated with a stable Fleming release. Nearing beta release would best support Phase 3.

To help provide feedback on this proposal, please take this poll. You can select more than one response. The poll will close on Friday Aug 14.

  • The community should help to get MAID listed on additional exchanges
  • The community should NOT help to get MAID listed on additional exchanges
  • I would like to assist in helping get MAID listed on additional exchanges (e.g. suggest additional target exchanges, volunteer as a liaison with the dev team, fundraise, etc.)

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Great proposal, do we know how much money KuCoin and
OKEx wants, for example?

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Thanks for the support.

Exchanges don’t publicly declare their listing fees b/c they aren’t set in stone. The stronger relationships and better negotiation skills you have, the less you’ll pay.

That being said, I compiled this spreadsheet some months ago that links to many exchanges’ listing instructions:



What do you propose vis-a-vis centralized and/or decentralized exchanges?

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My thoughts on DEX are largely still the same as those expressed here:


Things are changing at lightning speed. DEXs are already attracting a lot of money and this is just the beginning…


Great efforts! I tried voting but am uncertain whether it was tallied.



I would only be able to accumulate MAID through a DEX and I doubt I’m alone in that. FWIW I believe having even one DEX would be substantially better than none.


I’m not sure what other exchanges are like it but I’m able to buy a decent amount of coins on kucoin because they still don’t require kyc. They limit withdraw to 2 btc worth per day but that is way more than I need. I’m unclear if their platform is both traditional and dex to some extent but it’s been good to me as someone who has more limited access.

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If there are particular DEX platforms you believe are reliable and performing well, please feel free to suggest them (e.g. which ones do you currently use?).


Anyone can add a ERC20 coin to Dex. But if we bring liquidity into UniSwap together, we will create a price floor (or at least reduce sharp declines or rises) and the fees are for us :wink:

Mid tier exchanges would be great and so would Coinbase to a degree although not a fan of KYC, Binance on the other hand on top of all the other shady crap that goes on there like peoples funds vanishing into thin air, their listing fee prices are crazy and or a sizable chunk of your total coin supply and I certainly dont want CZ with too much influence in this project. Then they offer to keep your coins on their exchange and swap them for you, do the swap but don’t unlock them until after they dump the mainnet pump, hard pass on them.

Out of the “Phase 3” exchanges, my personal preference would be Kraken and Coinbase (each of them do have their issues, however).

If, however, Binance ends up being the 12th or 13th exchange listing, I think MAID would be in a significantly stronger position and inherently better capable of managing risks a relationship with Binance might entail. This project would have optionality b/c there would be so many other exchanges with MAID, pricing power b/c more likely than not the coin value and market cap would have risen, enhanced negotiating power b/c the project would likely have more influence, etc.).

In short, by the time a Binance listing could make sense, this project wouldn’t need Binance. Indeed, Binance might be asking to list MAID for free.


It should have a different ticker by then. SAFE or something similar? That’s just a side note I’m thinking out loud.

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I think you’re totally right. I wouldn’t mind if MAID is already listed and they could help facilitate the conversion process, but it’s highly likely that SAFE might exist first.

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KuCoin is in the $120k range or higher.


The process recently changed at Coinbase which now requires Rosetta integrations for consideration.


There are 6,500 people in the forum, if we all give $ 20 they will list us. Sounds good :dragon:


I’ll have to look that up because I don’t know what that is.

We could strategically crowd-source and then shop around for best deal, best value.

The MaidSafe story is interesting and I’m guessing most exchanges don’t know the story.