Commies and Nuclear proliferation

We need to talk about arms control, Kevin.


Arms control only makes sense if Israel’s arsenal is taken into consideration. Considering that China’s deployable missiles are a tiny fraction of the US and Russian inventories, this is totally missing the elephant in the room.
But then again, distraction tactics as ever by those who we are not allowed to criticise.
Its the WaPO FFS. It might as well be a press release straight from Tel Aviv.
I would be far more worried about the idiots in Pakistan and India. And Israel. God told them to do it. Any day now another “Dead Sea Scroll” will get “discovered” justifying Armegeddon. Especially if Iran gets much closer to assuring its own security. Certainly worked for the North Koreans…

The Yanks and their puppet masters are REALLY wetting themselves now that the Chinese economy - and the ideology that underpins it - is shown to be much more efficient than the tired capitalism of the West which has to prop up the MIC. Simple jealousy that China can afford to do this kind of thing - while simultaneously improving its infrastructure with its high speed trains - AND parallel dedicated freight line improvements. All adds to the efficiency and proves the superiority of a measure of strategic central planning.

Absolutely coincidental that this “news” comes out on the anniversary of 100 glorious years of the CCP. Expect other pathetic distractions over the next few days and weeks.

EDIT: Nearly forgot this other recent Chinese triumph as well

Socialised medicine and healthcare – its just so evil, isn’t it? Well if your portfolio includes US insurance companies of course…

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So arms control can only be multi-lateral and it all revolves around Israel? Off you pop with your batshit anti-Semitic takes again. Goodness me.

Funnily enough, I’m actually pretty well aquatinted with the sources of this intel… it’s actually from the open source arms control community.

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You forgot CCP triumph of spreading a world wide dicease, killing to this date, around 4 milion people.

Detention camps:

Mass surveilence

and more…

It actually matters little to me which country has nukes—it’s not about ‘sides’ to me—what matters is that we be rid of them. They are a stain on humanity.

It could be unilaterally (ala South Africa, and hopefully soon Scotland), multi lateral agreements, or perhaps many incremental bilateral deals (usually the most fruitful).

But while things had been going in the right direction for a few decades, they are decidedly going in the wrong direction now. Nations are just building more and more of them, and that only increases the danger. We need to step back from the brinkmanship once again.


Commies don’t need nukes, they have viruses, kills much more effective.

If you seriously expect us to believe that Tel Aviv does not pull Washingtons strings and that we should just quietly ignore the Israeli nuclear arsenal?

And once again you (purposefully?) conflate scepticism about the the intent of the Israeli regime with that big bad and oh-so-useful bogey phrase “anti-semitism”.
A very powerful weapon for Tel Aviv and the religious nutters there but more and more people are waking up to this Big Lie.

If I was anti-semitic, I would be decrying Feynmann, Einstein, Marx, Trotsky through to Bob Dylan and Peter Green and thousands of other wonderful people across ALL fields who have contributed so much to our world. But why the hell should I need to justify myself?
So please, lets have less of the security-blanket response of “anti-Semitism” and deal with the ACTUAL issues here.
Lets see how long this can remain on-topic, eh?

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Ask yourself WHY did NK and Iran feel they had to develop these weapons and divert so much precious resources into them. Just WHO is threatening them?
and then ask yourself - just WHO is doing the brinksmanship?

Just what happened (and WHY and at whose behest) was there that pathetic attempt at willy-waggling by the Brits in the Black Sea last week?
You wanna talk brinksmanship? Tell me who is “brinking” - and who pulls their strings?

Hint: its an apartheid state on stolen land. – Kinda reminds one of the USA, actually when you think about it.

Why would the devils of the world wan’t to create nukes, I wonder? Maybe because they are the devils.

Just because they can and don’t care for human lives, not even their own population, the same as every other commie country.

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Yes you are being anti-Semitic. It’s one of the oldest tropes that Jews are the sinister global puppeteers, controlling world order. It’s been used since the Middle Ages.

^^^ this is where you really highlight your anti-semitism though… notice how you insert faith and identity into it? Maybe you didn’t notice, but everyone else did. You need to get yourself together on this.

Notice that I didn’t bring up Israel at all? Just that another country entirely is building more and more nukes, and that this should be a concern.

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It shouldn’t really need to be pointed out but there’s only one country which has conducted nuclear war (twice!), and it’s still the country with the largest deployed nuclear capability. And they ain’t communist.


I’ll deal with the rest of this later but where was the global “concern” when Israel did it.
And a “trope” is very often a truth - inconvenient though that might be.
As for “faith and identity” , it is Israel that parades itself as the Jewish state. From the outside they just look like a bunch of c?nts, how exactly they choose to talk and interact with their particular imaginary friend in the sky is their problem, not mine. They just happen , collectively, to seem like evil bast?rds in general. So if a bunch of scum want to hijack the Jewish identity for themselves, that is their problem.
I suspect you will know rather more than me about the rapidly growing numbers of decent young USAnians (and others worldwide) of Jewish descent who want nothing to do with the apartheid state that has hijacked their identity.

As I said - I will respond more later - I note once again you try to take this off topic by whining about anti-semitism instead of sticking to the problem - nuclear proliferation by so many states - and the drivers for that.

Please don’t.

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I note @tobbetj is replying - dont waste your time, pal. You are ignored. Do not expect any interaction other than this.
Sadly the muting only covers the drivel you post, not the fact that you are posting

Why? Because I might come up with some inconvenient truths?

Work to do - later.
Batch scripts for testnets are a better use of my time


I know you have a good heart and mind. I’am just here for the weekly game of “whack a commie”

I have protested that people are allowed using this tech forum as their political megaphone and the harm that might do to the development and onboarding of new smart people. Now I’am more positive and choose the mindset of, ok let’s destroy them when they post their political posts and have some fun with it.

People who can’t play fair or with any kind of honor, pulling rabbits out of their hats like their is no tomorrow, I’am to destroy their posts and comments in any way I can.

I sometimes wish this forum will once again become a forum dedicated of developing technology.


As your are not even close to as political bright as you are with technology, that sounds like a smart move for once.

Perhaps we need a form of arms control treaty of our own in the forum?

Or maybe we could just broker individual deals on particular topics?

Doesn’t feel healthy TBH.


None of us can know everything, all details, all of people’s motivations, and it’s hard to get a gods eye view. I understand wanting to know and working together to form an opinion out of curiosity but coming at each other as a form of authority on such hot button topics that I doubt anyone here even specializes in doesn’t seem productive, IMO.

I second that there should be some kind of agreement. Better to focus on positive changes we can implement together and agree on than bicker about things out of our control.