Coming soon: first industry trial on MAID safe network!

I have eluded in past posts about migrating facets of my family business onto and for the support of the MAID safe network.

Over the next two weeks I will be offering a range and variety of astronaut ice cream products solely on the MAID safe network.

ALL purchases of my astronaut ice cream products will be kept in MAIDSAFEcoins excluding business costs which I will foot for the next 6 months.

All forms of payment from bitcoin to ethereum will be converted into MAIDSAFE coins.

In the next two months I will be including a “maid safe tract” that will come with the product that will evangelize anyone of a non technical background to understand the fundamentals of the MAIDSAFE network.

This will only be a trial offering for the next 6 months. We are not looking for profitability but should we meet margins of profitability we will begin migrating other facets of our business to the MAID safe network.


While I really like this and will check it out, please know that the network as it stands right now may (or more likely will) be coming down and all data lost a few times over the next 6 months.


Yes, we will be accounting for this and have made the technical preparations necessary.

Network resets will not disrupt our ordersheets.


Great , I think it’s possible . MAIDsafecoins are still the replacement tokens … ,
not necessarily bound to be held in the temporary iterations of a test-safecoin .


Right, our products will bring a consistant revenue stream that should help add uptrend to the maidsafe price.


what’s your delivery range for ice cream? I’d love an excuse to fill my chest freezer with delicious treats :wink:


No freezer required :sunny:


Our astronaut ice cream can exist on the shelf for 25 years. Does not require any freezing whatsoever.

I’m willing to ship or deliver to any mailing address if the clent will foot any additional shipping costs outside of what we cover.

Due to the lightweight nature of our product. delivery to the UK should be covered in a large part.

Shipping costs are very low even in bulk amounts we usually end up covering them.

Shipping our product is a new to the business side of things so we’ll see how close our estimates and past experiences will match up with reality.


ah it’s dehydrated or something?

If it has sugar and fat I’m still in for a load :wink:

edit: @cl0ck3d nice mate and good work! The more stuff going on the better.


We use a dry freezing process. Its very different from dehydration and does not affect taste.

We will be using the world famous jersey cow ice cream! So you better believe it’s gunna be guud :slight_smile:




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lol, sounds crazy, but somehow interesting :slight_smile:

just please make sure your contingency plan actually works! would be a shame if something went wrong…

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That is a very exciting idea. It would be a future selling point: the first business on SAFEnet.

Do you sell other things in addition to ice cream?


I’m jumping the gun here, but if we reach our estimates of profitability we are discussing offering key food items.

so a MAID safe supporter should be able to economically purchase a monthly supply of their food bill and recieve an assortment of items.

the products we would be offering is from organic free-range chicken to eggs to other key food items.

Again the process of dry frozen foods allows easy delivery low shipping costs and a shelf life of 25 years.


Potentially very profitable if you hold the maids for a while, we all hope for your sake and ours :slight_smile:

I’ve fantasised about doing my grocery shopping with safecoins, but never anticipated being able to do any this early with maids. Serious kudos to you for the attempt bro!


Yeah man. It was hard to talk my family into this (we usually deal in bulk and instant turn around so this is more rigorous) , but they’ve agreed to sell at least our ice cream products for a while and see if we reach profitability.

If we ever begin to offer other food items and consistent sales. I would move to hedge maidsafe with precious metal holdings.

you guys all know for me this isn’t about money this is about growing the maid safe eco system. :slight_smile:


Chicken jerky, for sure I’ll order some.


I wonder if this thread will become the maidsafe version of the 10,000 BTC pizza


If it looks like a Bitcoin pizza, talks like a Bitcoin pizza and walks like a Bitcoin pizza, then it is a Bitcoin pizza.


Freeze dried pizza!

I always hated how my ice cream sandwiches can’t last 25 years, that’s always been the kicker for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for building the SafeCoin ecosystem!