THX ANYWAY FOR YOUR VOTES, maybe we can have transparent moderatorship some day. Or not, and that’s why we’re supporting this open access network!


So we have a poll solution on here that allows for confirmation bias, using likes (tied to ID’s) as votes is even worse.

Secret ballot (and proof of unique human) is the only way…ie. I cannot see who voted for what, or how many live votes each side of a poll takes.

It seems secret ballot is not available on Decorum, so we’ll never get a reliable answer to any question…consequently I abstain.

Here’s the solution at a governmental level:

Short Version - The Founding Fathers’ Forgotten Solution

Long Version - The Cardboard Box Reform - Nixon’s Ghost Bill & A Crucial Flaw in Democracy

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Well discourse have secret in who voted and which option. But the results are available.

I agree. Though while not much better, members awarded the “regular” badge have participated and established a reputation. This is in effect proof of unique human to an acceptable degree IMO. It’s true that users can and have possibly juggled more than one account. Those secondary accounts awarded the “regular” badge are likely few in number.

With the above in mind I propose that “regulars” be given more voting weight. Who cares to work out the details/math? As many already know, I type very slowly and I’m pretty lazy.

Like Jamie fox put it “blame on the alcohol” :sleeping: :yum:

I’d go with secret ballot. Those lobbyists need to go poof. As for transparancy for the actual threads I don’t see an issue with that so far.

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Yo, this is quite easy to implement as well.I think it’s allowed at all trustlevels.

has there been a real solution to fair voting ever???


Is fair voting the real solution? :open_mouth:

We did some polls on this forum.

We’ll never reach any consensus that way as I showed in this topic.

But then absolutely nobody will see it and therefore we can’t have a real vote here

Moved to Community, good fit.

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Jesus @moderators well OK then.

#EDIT: sorry everyone, poll closed. See OP.

Heej @whiteoutmashups just as a user here who also made a proposal once with another user ;-). Our proposal never made it to the frontpage as well. It started a nice discussion (119 views here in meta) but at that time it was to busy on the frontpage with pinned topics about the testnet that just went live.

The thing is, when your post in “community” is allowed on the frontpage, others should be allowed to post there as well about moderation. Wouldn’t be fair to allow it from you and next week move it to “META” when user B comes up with a proposal. I hope you understand that when you look at it from that perspective.

The thing I would do in your case is just take your idea and drop it @ moderators next to here in META. Just say you want to poll some things, or that you want it pinned on the frontpage. In that case they talk about your idea and maybe allow it for a few days, or maybe not. I truly don’t know the answer. But at least give that route a try if you feel strong about something. You never know what happens ;-).

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It’s OK I’ll just wait for SAFE for my freedom…

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I humbly submit that SAFE won’t do it for you. Not all by itself.

Freedom and responsibility are part of the same coin.

Sure, SAFE will let you post whatever you wish, but it will also let many of those who might otherwise be happy for your input to turn you off if they chose.

It will also allow for forums to be moderated exactly like this one is. If that is the case, and a group forms a forum just as this one was formed, you’ll be free to go off and form your own separate, unmoderated forum, just as you are free to do so now. You will have pretty much the same choices then as now.

The main freedom is that people will be able to chose their moderator(s) or be wholly their own. Would love for all of us to have that option right now. It will alter the field a bit, but not as much as you think, I’ll wager. Look deeper.


That assumes that everyone would choose you guys to decide exactly what they Can / can’t see every day and I really don’t think that would happen.

True. This is not assured at all.

I’m just saying that that is the current constraint and, while SAFE will allow more choice and thus take some of the friction out, you might find in the long run that you’d be better off moderating your own choices to have less friction, especially over silly stuff like insisting that it’s your right to be disagreeable. It is, of course.

But the “wild west” was actually a very peaceful and respectful place for the most part, because EVERYBODY was armed. It behooved people in social settings to mot push the edges too hard. Even then, people cut others a lot of slack. But on SAFE it will be trivial for people to decide you’ve gone too far and cut you off. As much as several of you rail, moderators do not take lightly ANY action which curbs members expression.

As an individual on SAFE, I probably won’t be as sensitive to the general experience or as concerned with swearing (means nothing to me personally), but I will be pretty quick to personally blacklist someone who is being a jerk or using language which I’m pretty sure others will find offensive, just because they can.

That’s all I’m trying to point out.

Here on the forum, as a moderator, I’d move your topic off the front page because it violates the guidelines we’ve very conservatively laid out in to try to accommodate community needs. In a similar circumstance on a SAFE -based forum, I might just blacklist you personally because I didn’t want to hear what I might consider immature noise. I might also subsequently miss hearing something you would really want me to hear from you.

Yes, SAFE will change the calculus. But manners will still be of value.


I don’t mean to be rude. And I apologize. Just get frustrated with certain things sometimes. But I’m sorry I don’t Mean to be rude to any of you guys. Definitely don’t deserve it