Comcast tries to terminate neutrality with rider

Comcast and Republicans were told no to censorship with neutrality. The problem for them is that there continued existence depends on bribery based censorship or sponsorship and neutrality destroys that. So Comcast is going to try once again to rescue bribery based censorship with bribery based censorship and the help of their paid for criminal puppets that take up seats but act constantly againsts the interests of the people they were elected to represent.

We need a way to outright terminate firms like Comcast, with intentional punitive losses to shareholders, for the firms being corporate criminals. We need a code stricter than the criminal code that applies to big corporations and when they run afoul they result needs to be liquidation and retirement of the name. Getting rid of the corporate rights nonsense will be a huge step in that direction. We can talk about human rights and organizations turned criminal and the trial of such organizations without confusion about rights. Rights are for humans, corporations just get proceedural treatment that follows a formula.

Comcast ought to cease to exist and turn off the internet entirely for all of it’s customers. Yah, that would make for a wonderful joyous time…

Life would be so good then.

Comcast holds a government granted monopoly. It is always the government that is for sale. If you kill the government, you kill the corporate corruption. If you kill the corporations, that are simply operating within the regulatory framework of that the corrupt government set up, you kill my internet connection…

You are constantly going after the symptom. but never the disease…

Eject the management, board and stockholders. Convert instantly to full employee ownership, with new management unable to own shares or options or take board spots, with all board spots filled by employees, or fill ins appointed by employees but not able to sit on other boards or managements.

Nah. won’t do a bit of good.

Comcast will still want the most friendly regulatory environment for Comcast and they will invest in obtaining such via the avenues that exist to obtain positive regulatory environments.

The criminals are the Mafia that controls regulatory environment. That is the thugs in the capital. When the corner store is forced to pay protection money, do you blame the corner store? or do you blame the mobsters demanding payment?