Collaboration on Dapps/Apps / Guides / Reference?

Please delete this topic if there is one, but I’m trying to find people who would like to collaborate on making an Dapp/App for the SafeNet … I’m literally just getting into this, but I’m a full stack developer by trade so hope to pick up the basic pretty quickly.

Can anyone also recommend any resource for research this world I am stepping into?

From basic to more advance? Can you send me to a topic that has information such as this. I’ve tried to look but theres so many topics that draw my attention I thought best to start my own and get a conversation going about it!

Oh, and I’m Adam! Hi All!


Hi Adam - and welcome. You’ve come to the right place, although I’m not the right person from a technical point of view. The other place to ask is the SAFE Dev Forum where the technically gifted tend to hang out :slight_smile:

As an intro to the network try and if you have any questions just ask them here.



Welcome @dammeul, I suggest you start with the tutorials at (there’s one for desktop and one for web, though the API has just about converged for both with Peruse 0.6).

Also, as @JPL suggests look on the dev forum, and also here, under Apps categories to see if there are projects you are interested in helping with or want to take on.

I have a couple in progress which are open to volunteers (SAFE-FUSE and once that is done a SAFE git which I’ve been researching), but there’s also Safe-CMS and probably more depending on your skills and interests. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Thank @JPL and @happybeing, that’s some fantastic pointers right away, just reading the primer now, and then going to have a look at the tutorials!

I’d definitely be up for helping out… SAFE git sound appealing, I think I would love to work on a project like that given the impact it could potentially have. Though working on Safe-CMS would be interesting to!

What is SAFE-FUSE? Sound interesting but not something I can work out what it is off the bat like the other two (possibly lack of knowledge on my part there)!

Thanks again!


Its a virtual drive for Windows, Mac and Linux based on a system called FUSE which avoids the need to write OS drivers. It will be pretty easy for anyone with JavaScript and SAFE API knowledge to contribute. I just posted the first design over here: