Coins on Omniwallet

What happens to people’s maidsafe if omniwallet goes down or stops working? Can we still get access to our coins?


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Omni coins are embedded into the bitcoin blockchain, as long as you keep your private key, we will always be able to read the block chain and send forward the MAIDs


Thanks I made sure to backup my private key! I had only my wallet ID and password originally. Is it normal for my asset to say Maidsafe (SP3)?

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yes…20 charactersssssss


SP is “smart property” <-- see the sp=3 that gets you maidsafecoin

if you replace the number with 56 youll see safexcoin, replace it with a 57 youll get appstorecoin

Field: Currency identifier

Description: the currency used in the transaction
Size: 32-bit unsigned integer, 4 bytes
Inter-dependencies: Ecosystem
Valid values:
1 and 3 to 2,147,483,647 in the real MSC ecosystem (2,147,483,646 unique values)
1 = Mastercoin
2 and 2,147,483,651 to 4,294,967,295 in the Test MSC ecosystem (Test MSC currencies and properties have the most significant bit set, values start with 0x80000003, yielding 2,147,483,646 unique values)
2 = Test Mastercoin

This may be somewhere stated > if so please direct > if no anyone reading, give your thoughts on:

Which are the favored wallets right now, mobile and otherwise?
Which are the best for currency exchange, mobile and otherwise?

I know about Electrum and Mycelium and Circle

Thank You All

Bitcoin - Breadwallet (iOS), Desktop ( MultiBitHD)
Maidsafecoin - Paper wallet ( BTC Cold Wallet ) and Omniwallet for small % of coins if need to sell

Kraken + Bitstamp - BTC
Poloniex - Maidsafecoin ( not holding there my coins only for couple of days if need to sell)

Every private key backed up on USB stick and 2FA for exchanges


I didn’t know there were other coins built on maidsafe’s structure I’ll have to look at those two thanks!

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