CoinPayments: MaidSafeCoin‬ Wallet, Payments and Conversion

Hi Everyone, good news for all supporters of MaidSafeCoin :slight_smile:

We now support ‪MaidSafeCoin‬ Wallet, Payments and Conversions at CoinPayments

Now you can have an alternative Vault Wallet to exchanges in order to keep your MaidSafeCoin’s secure and easily accessible from anywhere.

We are also going to enable support for SafeCoin on the day it officially launches.



Given the challenges with pruned Omniwallet transactions (nice word for broken and returned), this is a welcome addition!!


Do you have any additional details as to how you are going to integrate the safecoin protocol to be used with a blockchain type wallet?

If so, I believe that would be extremely helpful with development of the coins and the exchanges, etc.

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Yep this is once again one of those situations where we built it for ourselves and realized we should share it with our users.

Im actually a pretty big holder of MaidSafe and have a tendency of telling everyone i meet about it :sunglasses:


Reserved, while Im asking our dev

Awesome! It is nice to finally see someone coming up with something that is needed for Maidsafe, and this without any earlier crowdfunding.


had a pretty long conversation with a colleague today about safenet xD … i’m not 100% sure if i did annoy him :smiley:

(but i think he really was interested and just didn’t hear of anything like it yet)


Great news. I like to pay for my iceland web host,, and they use you. So awesome, thank you.


Thank you for your helpful information. Just read this infor. even though you have posted it over a year. Thanks

why i cannot do the conversion of maidsafe coin anymore?