Coinomi - MAID coming soon?

Coinomi mobile wallet has Omni protocol support. I noticed this: “Coinomi currently supports USDT and OMNI, with more coming soon.”


Cool. Although, I think they meant to say: “Some of the assets (tokens) that are available under Omnilayer are OMNI, USDT, and more importantly, MAIDSAFE.”


I tried Coinomi on iOS this morning an indeed MaidSafeCoin is not currently available. Upon further research discovered Coinomi is not open source either and charges fees to those who want to have coin added. It seems OmniCore is still the only sensible way of storing MaidSafeCoin. Unfortunately OmniCore is a Satoshi 0.13 based client which is much slower than the current BitcoinCore version 0.16.1, a much faster protocol implementation.

MaidSafe is the project I recommend to any one who asks about crypto. Often it is the one that crypto-skeptics will most likely decide to go for, but getting hold of it is extremely high friction at the moment, especially for those who do not have exchange accounts already.

In a way its great for me, as someone with relatively easy access to purchase MaidSafe, the prices are depressed due this high friction. But it would be nice if I could easily help others acquire it too. If anyone has the skills and time to extend some existing open source SPV wallet with Omni support, that would be lovely!