CoinMarketCap Earn Crypto

Thought this was a good idea.

It appears to be a partnership campaign with Binance.

I have not signed up as I do not normally use Binance. If I find some time tonight I may do so and report back.

Still some good take aways, the videos and education pages are short, sharp and to the point. And who doesn’t want to earn some crypto just by learning, watching videos and reading some very short material?


I can give feedback from Coinbase Earn. I have a friend who knows English and is registered there. He told me that he acts like this - he doesn’t watch the videos, clicks next and answers, if the answer is wrong he goes back and tries again. He boasted to me that he had gone through all their courses in 5 minutes without learning anything and he simply collected the free money and then turned it into bitcoin.

It’s sad, but it seems the people really only want the free money …