Coinfolio - by SAFE-FS

yeah I’m not sure if / how SAFE apps like that will be able to interface with clearnet APIs (I assume you’re using APIs too?) but yeah at least storing the amounts on there would work fine!

Just keep going!

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A friend of mine is currently trying to build a cryptocurrency calculator, portfolio, graphs, etc…even with a trollbox. The domain name is the most value to be honest ( But he seems to be lacking the technical prowess to build it. Right now it’s just a cobbled API. Would anybody be interested in participating in building a nice site with it with all the bells and whistles? I have no idea how to even instigate this, but you gotta start somewhere.


Just updated the chrome browser on my phone and realized my coinfolio site totally works on mobile :smiley:

I had just been using a mobile :iphone: browser that was too old :stuck_out_tongue:


Just uploaded my crypto-folio to github…
I hope that it will work out of the box ^^,)


Several Updates HERE

Now allows for:

  • Any type of coin with easy selection
  • Custom named assets with custom values
  • Saved accounts that persist (can access your account by bookmarking your URL)
  • Refresh of live prices from CMKT on every button press

Features being added soon:

  • Visual parts / design
  • New layout of content

Fun side project. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Updated Design

Using this as a test project for one of the new devs at our office.

So this is a new template we are developing for experimentation :slight_smile:

Type in values to see the chart appear

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I’d be careful using the redirector your using. I got flooded with malicious adware, pop-ups and spam.

Interesting. is pretty well known and I keep clicking it and never got anything of the sort.

That’s the bare link, if anyone wants it

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Yeah but it might be a location thingy a lot of these sites use geo target ads and will spam the hell outta people overseas not in their area because they just don’t care or their ad network does it and they don’t even know which is why web debs should always audit their sites from overseas users.

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Here are some screen shots there were plenty more I just wasn’t fast enough as I’m on the mobile. And this was all under a minute BTW.

the only problem in the shots is that it’s directing to .do/coinfolio1 which isn’t a real link, only coinfolio2

I’m clickyour link so as I say they most likely have ad redirects or something. I’ve seen this before and whenever I’ve raised it with the website owner or their team they’ve always been surprised by it but ultimately blamed their ad network.

Another good day for the little coinfolio app :slight_smile:

It was made as an encouragement app for us HODLers anyway. Keep on hodling!


That link is broken for me.


Thx, fixed ,–.,


Newest Version of our free Crypto Portfolio App


Many updates and improvements


Very nice and clean site.


Great work, really like it :slight_smile:

Clean and simple. :+1:


Thanks, we’ve been updating it this week as well, so each day it might function a bit better.

Same link though, just gets backend & frontend updates

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Hosted on a new SAFE-FS company server now.

Updating links

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