Coinfolio - by SAFE-FS

Made a little tool,

Just wanted to keep track of values, and tried lots of sites but they all wanted so much info etc.

so I just made my own. Crypto portfolio . Every click fetches live price from Coinmarketcap APIs.

I’ll add more alts if you want. code is open source so feel free to read it to see how to extend it. Might port to SAFE one day if APIs would work? thoughts?

hope it’s cool. lunchtime hacking :stuck_out_tongue:


#Only works on desktop

Might try to fix this at some point if it’s popular

EDIT: updated for mobile as well now :slight_smile:


Very nice Will. Works on Android tablet. :slight_smile:


_____No SAFE-FS Coin?

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CoinMarketCap APIs

Although I could just hard-code it in.

Price is $999999 / sfsc right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! It should have all Safe related coins at least I think? Like Decorum etc.? And the possibility to create an account with your own dashboard where one can store his/her own numbers of coins for future reference?

Safe FS price is 13000 satoshis on bitsquare. It’s the last months old trade there.

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I don’t think it’s accurate to report that as the price, as there were very few sales at that price, and now there are zero orders on bitsquare, so really, there currently is no price.

It’s a shame there’s no volume at Bitsquare, but it makes sense once you try to use it!

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Didn’t know anybody was interested in something like this.
I made a similar tool some time ago, where you can add every coin that is on coinmarketcap.

Here are 2 Screenshots:

However I never deployed it anywhere, because I don’t know how to. Only exists locally.

I have 2 Docker containers (meteor + mongodb), that I start with docker-compose…
If anybody can tell me how to deploy this anywhere cheaply I will do share this :wink:


Hey that’s awesome!

You can use Github pages; just upload it to a repo and make a gh-pages branch, set it as the default branch, and then you have a live website of it!

Interested in sharing your code? :slight_smile: I really like it!


Me too. Easy to use, nice graphics. I’m really looking for such tool since I’m one of the 5 people on earth with a Windows phone, and can’t use Blockfolio.


Glad you like it.
Unfortunately, I’ll have to take it offline now…
I will try to find a solution to make it available long term.
If anybody has already deployed docker containers on AWS, some help would be appreciated.

The “Github pages” option I described is free forever.

You don’t like that idea?

What is the app written in? javascript? language?

Can’t you do as @whiteoutmashups mentioned

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Its a meteorjs app.
Meteor is based on nidejs with websockets and mongodb.
Furthermore I dockerized the app because I hope deploying a docker aop was easier than a meteor app.
Not sure this can be hosted on github.
If so i’ll upload it and share the code :wink:


I assume github doesn’t support database backends (mongodb) so he will be able to share code there, but not deploy it.


Yeah thx that’s what I was asking

I’ll look around then

#Added Chart Functionality

Also now it has the option for you to download as several filetypes (I prefer simple JSON) so you can have records of your values / holdings over time.

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I appear to be late to the party, but I’ve also been creating something similar! My spreadsheet was getting a bit cumbersome, so I made a web app in Javascript (this is my first time using Javascript too. It’s been… An interesting experience… )

It’s not live anywhere, nor on github, because the base functionality isn’t quite there yet.

Edit: Just pushed it to, for anyone who wants to look at the source code.

And a live version here (via GitHub Pages): for anyone who wants to try it out. It’s very clearly unfinished, so keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool! Great work, keep it up!

Maybe check some of our tutorials and get into SAFE programming also!

Javascript is the first step! Great work

Thanks :smile:

I am interested in porting Cryptocount’s storage backend to SAFE as a way to start learning & get comfortable with the SAFE APIs.

And from there I can move on to my slightly more ambitious SAFE app ideas :wink: