Coinex Listing

Since I am not the owner of the project it is harder for me to fill out the application. I think it’s a good idea to apply to be listed on coinex because I’ve used it for a while as a NYC resident and they have not given me any trouble. Cheers!


There seem to be quite a lot of scam accusations flying around about that exchange .

How long have you actually been using it?

To be fair there’s probably no exchanges without alot of bad press now.

But the few we have joined recently really weren’t used all that much either.


Since January with 22 withdrawals so far. I’m not sure why were not listed on many exchanges.

Many want large fees that were not prepared to pay.
Afaik the US problem is down to us being a placeholder coin so is viewed differently by the authorities ( I could be wrong there).
Many exchanges don’t support the omni protocol.

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I didn’t realize the issue that the omni protocol may not be supported. Still I think its worth it to apply since more exchanges = more better

I’ve nothing against that, there is work being done on an erc maid version, when that comes to fruition it will make things alot simpler, joining exchanges like uniswap can happen near instantly then with a very low onboarding cost.

I’ve had a quick look at coinex, seems there’s no listing fee, they do I think want to speak to a code dev though and that could be an issue, since our team slimmed down they are all working hard with one aim, launching a live network.


Well godspeed to you guys, it’s not that important anyway, what’s important is obviously finishing the project. Good luck to you all!