Coinbase to Maidsafe Private keys issue


Everywhere you can post, where people are looking to earn money. Don’t listen to the naysayers when coinbase says it can’t be done then you can say they’re lost.


I have a friend who works at Coinbase… Not in tech area… but he told me that they wouldn’t be able to retrieve them because revealing the private key would compromise other people who had tranasactions that shared the same private key… So, I don’t know if that’s a definitive response, or whether it even makes sense.


I gather from that response they know the private key.

Maybe ask them to transfer the MAID for you to a BTC address you own the private key for and you offer to pay for that (pay at least the fees).


Hypothetically, if Coinbase can’t give you the private key because it’s tied up with other people’s transactions, there is a way around this. Coinbase could use the private key to send the Maidsafecoins to a new address which you could give them.

edit: Oh, @neo got there first!


Do not offer up any personal details, or transaction details until you’re connected directly with coinbase inside your account


No, I did not reveal the transaction address… it was just an off the cuff reponse, and I took it to mean that private keys are not unique to individual transactions or people’s accounts on Coinbase


In any case you might be able to ask them to do the transaction on your behalf, and that way they don’t have to reveal any private keys. Obviously they would have to do the transaction via a omni protocol aware wallet.


@Simon offer to take a detailed account of this to someone in tech support at coinbase. Possibly you could be rewarded for that effort if it’s successful


This is what my friend at CB said:

“I doubt you will get them back unfortunately. I work there and can’t get my tokens accidentally sent there. It’s because of how they handle the security of the keys and retrieving a key would compromise other keys. A friend of mine lost thousands due to this.”


@Simon in law that’s called hear·say


Its called f**king lazy… too


@Simon every support team in tech has a case-by-case policy. And when you get your problem in front of them they may find your solution


Coinbase seems like a difficult organisation to communicate with… But I will persist.


I often find repeated contact helps… 5 people may say, no chance can’t do it… then you find the one who is prepared to do a little extra and suddenly it’s not an issue at all. Works 9 times out of 10 for me.


Thanks… I’m encouraged. :slight_smile:


best of luck… who knows what those MAID could be worth down the line :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep us posted. We’ll continue providing support (even if it’s just moral support :open_mouth: )


I’ve been hoping this will be worked out in the end…

Any news?


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