Coinbase to Maidsafe Private keys issue


I participated in the MaidSafe Crowdsale in 2014 and paid one Bitcoin for 23,800 Maidsafe Coins. I did this via Coinbase, and I have the address that I used for the transaction. I checked that address just now on the site and I can see that the 23,800 Maidsafe coins are there.

So, I have looked at the description of “Where do I store Maidsafe Coins” on this page: but the screen shot examples that they have used, show the process for the wallet, and it explains how to “import the private key” of that wallet… However, Coinbase does not have Private Keys for customer wallets.

So, I am wondering how to proceed?

with thanks


Have you spoken with their support and got a definitive no after explaining the situation?


Hi Simon,

It is great you were able to participate in the crowdsale, however all participants were required to use a wallet where they had full control of the private key. This is why wallets like Blockchain info were recommended.

The best way to proceed in your situation is to contact Coinbase and explain your situation. Hopefully they are able to give you access to the private key but this is no guarantee.

If Coinbase grants you access to the private key then move your Maidsafecoins into a wallet where you control the private key by using Omni wallet. You could keep your coins in the Omni wallet or generate a paper wallet if you’d prefer to keep your Maidsafecoins offline. The key is to have full control of your private key. Keep in mind that Multisig and hardware wallets can be challenging to access your private keys as well.

Good luck.


Uh oh, this one might end badly

Never supposed to send from coinbase

Other people posted about that and didn’t work out right

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You mean to Coinbase support? ~ I have just written to them. Haven’t received a response. But from what I understand its just that they don’t have private keys for individual wallet transactions. So, they won’t be able to provide one. ~ If I go to I can see the sending Bitcoin address (my Coinbase address) and the Receiving Maidsafe address and the Coins there, so in some ways it looks more like an issue that Omni and Maidsafe have more power to solve.

I don’t remember any advice at around the time of the Crowd sale about not using Coinbase. I think people were not really aware of the issu back then.

The only ones who will have the private key to that address will be CoinBase

Them only, that’s all



Unfortunately not, as @whiteoutmashups says your only hope is Coinbase providing the private key.

Good luck!


Supplement you support request with one on Reddit (if you havent already) - - Make it clear on Reddit that you have already sent in a support request directly and explain - thoroughly - why you need assistance. Look on the right panel of the forum you will see a list of mods. Wait a few days after posting and try connecting directly with one of them. Be polite. Do not publicly share any addresses or quantities or account info. If ( I said IF) they can help you they will, but it will take some time (weeks/months or longer) as they will have some pretty strict protocols they have to follow while protecting 100’s of millions of USD worth of crypto and answering to insurance companies, government and their backers.

And think about the UK guy that threw out a harddrive with $7 million in bitcoin on it. Never recovered it.

Good luck!


It was definitely known at the time of the crowd sale


That shows that you clearly don’t understand the technology at all. Never invest in something you don’t completely understand, that is the rule #1.
It was more than common knowledge to never ever use a wallet you can’t control, without a privatekey you don’t own anything.
You might as well lost your MaidSafeCoins. If by some miracle the support decides to go the extra mile and give you the privatekey, import it to Omniwallet asap.


No, there is no MaidSafe address - the MaidSafeCoins are stored on the Bitcoin address because MaidSafeCoins are token coins to be exchanged for SafeCoins (which has not been released yet). So you need the Bitcoin private keys as others have said.

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yes, I realise now… thanks


Yes, I didn’t understand that they were actually sent by Maidsafe, I thought they were held… Makes sense now, thanks.


I had a look at the crowdsale spreadsheet and saw that a few people asked for refunds during the crowdsale because they sent from Coinbase.


I don’t think that is much good to me… these Maidsafe Coins seem to be lost unfortunately… That is the consensus view :frowning:

Does anyone know the status of those requests for refunds in relation to payments sent from Coinbase?

Have a look at the spreadsheet, the info you ask is in there. Basically if it could be done it was. This was apparently during the crowdsale period.

There is no consensus that they’re lost. Offer a $1,000 Bounty see how the tone changes

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Where should I offer that? On Reddit forum?