Coinbase mentioned about IPFS, how comes they are not aware of Maidsafe?

in Coinbase’s latest AMA, Fred mentioned about IPFS, how come he was never aware of maidsafe? or Maid might just want to keep such a low profile?

I often heard people talking about IPFS or Storj when it comes to distributed storage/data system, I think we really should intensity PR and to increase publicity. It’s really embarrassing that we are so exciting about the prospects while there isn’t much community awareness or no one cares?

quotes from Fred, co-founder of Coinbase, talking about adding Ethereum--------------------------

" We’ve mostly been focused on getting Ethereum on both Coinbase and GDAX so far, making sure cold storage works really well, etc. So we have spent some time playing around with building dapps, but it hasn’t been much so far.

We had Joey from Augur in the office today to give a talk and it was pretty enlightening to see the challenges he has encountered. Biggest takeaway for me is that distributed hosting (probably through IPFS when it launches Filecoin) is really important to serve up the front end of dapps."

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What is coinbase? ---------------------


The biggest wallet provider/digital asset exchange in cryptoland.


I see your point but don’t feel embarrassed. Once we launch a solid product, all eyes will be on us and all other lower quality competition will fall by the waste side. So let them laugh at us for now or close their eyes in ignorance, for they will be crying later.


Some marketing would be good. It’s not always the best product that wins the market

One of the best examples is philips video 2000 system which was way better than vhs, but lost the battle…

Some marketing is being done now and anyone who is seriously looking into data storage who has not heard of Maidsafe is willfully ignorant.

I know that Nick is working on a marketing plan and is putting a lot of thought and consideration into the right timing to go full force.

Besides that I trust that people will want the best in class when it comes to privacy and believe that word of mouth will go a long way in this regard.

You looking at this from the wrong perspective.
Coinbase has no interest in promoting the SAFE Network.

Besides if any business in ‘cryptoland’ does not have thorough knowledge about one of the top 10 coins by market cap then advertising to them is a waste of time and money.


They’re dirty:

Coinbase Helps FBI Shut Down KickAssTorrents

It’s quite clear: IPFS can be “policed” and SAFEnet can’t be. Coinbase have shown their hand as aligned with the controllers.


I am glad that coinbase did not mention anything about safe. Coinbase is a sketchy company. To me, it is a legalized honeypot for the IRS, and FBI.


Indeed. Sadly like many men through the ages I make use of their dirty services to get the job done.
What’s worse is they offer no protection by default.
I feel an itch coming.

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Reading things like this just make the SAFE Network flame inside me that much bigger

Nobody should be able to stomp out other people’s online services and creations.

Everything should (and will soon) be 1000% anonymous, and people should be able to earn income completely anonymously, and nobody should have the power to stop other people’s freedoms like this.

The world could be soooo much farther along right now, and the future could already be here, but instead we are letting these big guys stop all this progress just because they’re scared of losing imaginary inflated numbers on their bank accounts???

Complete rubbish


I wouldn’t expect much talk about the SAFEnetwork until it is functioning. It is impossible to know how companies will treat the network when it is live, but it seems logical a network and crypto-asset (SafeCoin) that immediately makes the whole US-military-banking-media industrial complex obsolete…well it seems obvious.

Things will go as they have thus far IMHO. SAFE will only exist by the brute force demand from the people of the world that want a technology that frees them instead of continually enslaves them.


Ethereum DApp developer here…

A critical missing component in Ethereum applications is decentralized storage, in this aspect IFPS is very popular at the moment because it’s the only one available LIVE despite the lack of incentivisation mechanisms.

I’m sure DApp developers will jump to Maidsafe once it’s launched given it’s many features and advantages in terms of synergy between the two ecosystems.