Any assistance if Maidsafe was purchased with Coinbase? Is it lost?

fiat -> BTC (using Coinbase) -> Poloniex (exchange BTC for MAID) or use shapeshift to exchange BTC for MAID

You cannot obtain MAID directly from Coinbase.

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Actual mean with the original crowdsale.

if you sent Maidsafe to your Coinbase account, it gets swept to their cold storage. I have been going back and forth with them for months trying to get some that I accidentally had sent to Coinbase from shapeshift, and they basically say touch sh!t, we only deal in bitcoin…as of right now there is no real way to access alt coins in a Coinbase acct… :cry:

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I sense a class action if Maidsafe keeps rolling the way it is though!! (along with EXP, Mastercoin, Litecoin, etc…)

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There is a way to get it back but they just don’t want to go “out of their way” to help you.


exactly…sucks hard! luckily it was only a small portion of my total holdings!

Now they have multsig accounts where you can get the keys…but this is crazy…No help from this side?

I tried to ask them to have my coins moved into the multi sig vault and got nowhere as well… boo.

It’s stupid of coinbase really. They inadvertently received money, and then kept it, using it as leverage for whatever investments. That’s definitely lawsuit material.

Make sure to save your private/public keys from the account you sent them from, you’ll probably need it as evidence in the future.

Worth a thought :wink:

Oh I have transaction records, account numbers, transaction hashes and chat transcripts with Coinbase…ready to rumble! :grin:

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Go down swinging :muscle: :laughing:

My problem is opposite sent from Coinbase and they wont release my key for security reasons saying one should have been made by maidsafe.

You lost your MAID trying to send it from coinbase to your own wallet?

i’m confused.

if you put money from coinbase into the crowdsale the only way you would be able to get that now is to sue them in court… court would need to force them to give you the priv key of the sending address

I didnt realize at the time of crowdsale that couldnt send btc from coinbase. Now It cannot be accessed without the private key which coinbase will not release and unless I am mistaken Maidsafe does or did not generate so I never got that.

Oh I see, the MAID you bought exists in your coinbase BTC address, which they’re refusing to give you the private key for.

That definitely seems like it will be a class action suit in a few years.

I would save all related information for future use, there has to be proof in the transactions that the coins exist in your wallet, and if they’re refusing to release it then that sounds like pure theft.

Exactly and they do exist!

Hopefully you can still recover them eventually…


Wait, sorry I wish to understand this:

You send your MAID to coinbase and they… ?

Stole it?

And if they don’t deal in it, how were you able to send it to them?