Coconut oil., MCT's and Ghee

Thank you for including your creative approach, it is very helpful. I feel like gravity was just introduced to me last year and now sir Isaac Newton just gave me the summation to the law of universal gravitation…so I honestly have know idea what just happened, but I fully appreciate when a person is directly tapped into the human stream of consciousness.

I rarely listen when I am hit with an epiphany (not even in the same universe), but as a medical professional by trade I will offer my thoughts. Eat when you can eat, sleep when you can sleep and never lose grasp of that life force driving you.

Processed sugar is the devil, put Ghee (Grass fed) in your coffee and consume at least a 15 mLof 100% MCT (Medium-chain Triglycerides, from palm/coconut oil) a day; also can go in the coffee. To put in computer terms…perfect power for your CPU and a perfect coolant to allow SAFE over-clocking.

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As a medical professional, can you point me to the scientific health benefit research/studies into Ghee or coconut oil? Coconut oil is 92% saturated fat for example - twice the amount as lard also I believe - I’m interested in how this is beneficial?. Cheers



MCT is not coconut oil, it can be distilled from coconut oil.

The net is full of information about the health benefits of MCT oil. Here are two studies and many more can be easily found.

What is more important than specifically consuming expensive mct oil is that of consuming enough of normal good oils. The current nutritional recommendations contain way too much sugar because it provides a calorie overwhelmingly cheapest.

I’ll repeat the question then shall I?:

I did not ask what MCT is, nor “Can you direct me to a load of pseudo-science web sites making ridiculous miraculous cure and fad diet claims, please”.
I’d be interested in what area of medicine Mr Anderson is a professional in…out of interest? Whatever medical claims are being made would not seem to cover taking either substance as a daily “brain booster”, which I believe was the original claim.

You expressed an erroneus understanding of what mct is by asking about coconut oil when the topic was mct. I had to correct that.

I also provided to you only credible sources. pubmed is hardly pseudoscientific.

One of the sources directly said that mct quickly improves brain function (by providing optimal fuel). You seem to not want to learn, so i will stop here.

I would also appreciate if a moderator removed both my and your off topic content in this thread since you turned this learning opportunity toxic by your denialism and incorrect claims.

ps. my area of study is paramedic.

@reivanen @Al_Kafir

Come on guys, this thread is about one of the biggest break throughs that MaidSafe has seen. Its enormously exciting and just an amazing moment.

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This is a response to Mr Anderson: Firstly, I asked about Ghee and Coconut Oil, your answer was restricted to Coconut oil, so I can only respond to that.
I agree that the pubmed site is not pseudo-scientific and I shouldn’t have lumped it with the other site you linked “Green-med”, which I believe is; for example it has had a long running anti-vaccine stance amongst other questionable articles.
The larger point I would like to make is that the science is definitely not in on the benefits of MCT, therefore, I do not believe it should be advocated by medical professionals as something to just add to your coffee - sufficient trials, testing etc have not been done. You linked to a pubmed study about weight loss, which involved a small group and the other one concerning Alzheimer’s which had about 20 disparate individuals being quizzed twice in a before and after way…hardly conclusive.

“The main saturated fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid. Lauric acid increases levels of good HDL, or high-density lipoprotein, and bad LDL, or low-density lipoprotein, in the blood, but is not thought to negatively affect the overall ratio of the two.
She went on to say that while it is still uncertain whether coconut oil is actively beneficial the way olive oil is, small amounts probably are not harmful. The new federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that no more than 10 percent of total dietary calories a day come from saturated fat. For a 2,000-calorie diet, that’s about 20 grams.”

I would actually say that a para-medic and a painter/decorator are equally qualified to prescribe MCTs - here is what the more relevant scientist had to say from the original piece (that green med omitted in re-publication):

Any number of health claims have been made for lauric acid. According to proponents, it’s a wonder substance with possible antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral properties that could also, in theory, combat H.I.V., clear up acne and speed up your metabolism. Researchers are skeptical.

“There are a lot of claims that coconut oil may have health benefits, but there is no concrete scientific data yet to support this,” said Dr. Daniel Hwang, a research molecular biologist specializing in lauric acid at the Western Human Nutrition Research Center at the University of California, Davis.

So, what about the Ghee?

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I as a moderator don’t see why people should discuss totally unrelated topics on a forum about the SAFE network. As I said:

This is the place to talk about other decentralized technologies (e.g. Bitcoin), computer security and Internet privacy.

Discussions about coconut oil don’t seem to fit within these lines and I don’t see the advantage for others besides you and the one this is directed to of having a conversation about coconut oil.

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OK, thanks for clearing that up for me then Melvin. Let me get this straight, it is OK to post potentially harmful medical information on the forum, but not to correct that in the place it was made. Not only that, but now it can go un-answered, because there is no right of reply or area to do so? You are saying what people can and can’t talk about?
Wow…gobsmacked and will no longer be posting anything, anywhere on this forum.

@Al_kafir I hadn’t seen the discussion about this and want to apologise for not having been able to move those posts to a new “Off-topic” thread as I have now done. All the posts are now on this topic. I hope you’ll continue posting and will PM you to discuss any concerns you have. I value your input on the forum so hope you’ll stay active.


I thought something must have gone awry. I’d just like to say that I also think the post is as directly relevant to Maidsafe as it’s possible to get…and here’s why - I’ll describe recent events by way of what I think is a 100% fair and accurate analogy with no exaggeration or dramatic license:

I (just like Neo out of the Matrix) foiled a possible assassination attempt on our “Morpheus” D.Irvine by a guy describing himself only as “Mr Anderson.” The attempt was cunning in it’s execution, playing on a known Achilles heel - David’s own Scottishness itself. “Ooohh David, why not put these big dollops of double strength lard, along with some clarified butter in your coffee to help you think?”.
I sprang to my feet, with cat-like reflexes, knocking the concoction from Mr Anderson’s hands, whereupon I am bundled to a side room. When I try to explain the situation, I’m bound and gagged and tied to a chair……you can imagine my current chagrin.
Anyway, OK, thanks for removing the gag and untying me guys.

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I think maybe I made a mistake… too late now… :slight_smile:

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LOL I love this forum. Thank you @happybeing for separating this side conversation that came from a much more important David thread.

I appreciate @Al_Kafir satire, because I really intended my post with the intent of keeping that special person happy and healthy for a long time.

Take my posts with a grain of salt (pun intended) because there is really a whole lot of misguided profit seeking “advice” out there. I am a practicing Physician Assistant in the US (Master’s Degree in Medicine). I have been in medicine for more than half of my life. My discovery of the open source community and later MAIDSAFE is directly associated with my epic change in my practice of medicine. I have gone from working in highly specialized areas of medicine/surgery like liver/kidney/pancreas transplant, oncologic surgery and more recent microsurgical reconstruction for cancer and trauma reconstruction to partnering with eastern medicine practitioners and talking about the importance of diet, yoga, and approaching the overpaid “experts” with caution. I have worked right along some of the greats of our time and honor that privilege deeply, but a few years ago I started noticing small defects in the iron clad cloak I practiced within…“evidence based medicine.” I was part of countless million dollar surgeries/treatments and I know the billion dollar pharmaceutical world better than most. The problem is from that side you start to see a lot of the “data” we hold so high in regard is no better than the quick buck propaganda the anti-vaccine crowd brings in…it is just on a much larger scale.

The reason I mention it is diet is the single most important thing that correlates to our health or quality of life. Unfortunately it has been a cornerstone for the profiteers, i.e., sugar industry and lesser the grain industry. There is only one type of lipid that has held up to the test of time, and crowd-sourced science, that can be associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension and that is LDL pattern B. The whole fat thing makes you fat and kills you is one of the biggest destructive myths our species has ever seen. I don’t need to reference any particular study. All I have to do is point to what our health has done since John Yudkin MD lost the “research battle” back in the 1970’s.

I will comment further on why I like Ghee and MCT’s, there are four mainly in coconut/palm like oils. My goal is to bring disruptive change to medicine like SAFE is doing for the internet.


Thanks @MrAnderson

I’m a user of conventional health services, but pay less and less attention to advice (from anywhere) about diet. I’m old enough to have seen the advice on different topics to flip flop and flip back again, only to flop. The latest controversy in the UK appears to be over fats.

I remember everyone cutting butter (which I love), and dropping full milk (which I like) for skimmed which I don’t. It was all “flora” good for the heart. I hated margarines since I was a kid. When BSE came along people stopped eating beef.

Through it all I’ve just carried on, and now we’re told those margarines were bad for us. Butter is ok, saturated fats are not bad after all - at least there’s no evidence saying they are.

I don’t know why governments follow these fads. It’s obvious why the food and medicine industries do, for profit in one case, to pretend special knowledge in the other. People are weak.

The good advice seems easy to pick out. Exercise, balanced diet, listen to your body etc.

I’m sure I could improve my diet, but I find the best way is to focus on my inner self, my personal, psychological and spiritual development. Everything else follows. People eat unhealthily or their bodies take on illnesses as a response to many things, but it seems clear to me that the biggest cause is inner and collective psycho-spiritual sickness.

I’d have pooh poohed myself for saying these things in the past, particularly that self-love is the great healer, but that’s my experience. Love is the way for me. I practice it every day.

@Al_kafir and I have wrestled and battled because of our different views about the scientific approach to these things. He’s right I think to pick people up and point out when they are not being scientific, but we differ in the supremacy of good science, the prevalence of belief within science, and the supposed inferiority of anything that does not issue from good science. What’s great is that we’re all on the same page with regard to this project, and we can wrestle in the mud and still respect each other afterwards.

MaidSafe is more than an amazing internet for me. That would be enough, but I love that it is a human network too. No-one is right, and no-one is clever enough to be completely wrong. Together we create something that none of us can see the true magnitude of, though we catch glimpses, each of us from our particular perspective. I sense that clearly for you and @Al_kafir, and know it for myself :smile:

Great to share this space with you both.


I think you folks on that side of the pond had it right from the start in regard to nutrition: John Yudkin. I am reading his book “Pure, White and Deadly” right now and I am flabergasted of what was known so long ago. I think on a governmental level, a world where we eat more meats and fats than grain would not sustain 7+ billion people.

I think when people look at the story of John Yudkin and Ancel Benjamin Keys they have a perfect example of why the majority of objective scientific studies on nutrition are a complete waste and even when the truth is right there in plain view the propaganda machine is their to wipe the memories of most of the world.

@happybeing I always enjoy your thoughtful, balanced and wise opinion on things. I think you are an awesome moderator. I totally agree with you on MaidSafe being more than an amazing internet, but I have never been able to shake my first perception of what the internet was to me back in the 90’s. I am so excited about what the SAFE network is going to do for medicine as a whole.


I think I better just clarify my position here. I am more defending the idea that the scientific method is the best known method to investigate the nature of reality/nutrition, or anything along these lines - I don’t “believe” in science, so to speak. Science can be abused, the method not properly followed, results fudged, pharma companies exploit for profit etc …none of this is really anything to do with the basic concept.
Even if you “believe” Eastern medicine or Mysticism for that matter or distrust “evidence-based medicine” (for reasons other than the basic principle) - what “reason” can you give for this belief? My point is that I only have a problem when people go around advocating what I see as potentially harmful ideas which are claimed to have scientific backing, when they don’t - pseudo-science. This kind of thing falls within the realm of “personal experience”, which means it cannot be really justified scientifically, only anecdotally, therefore shouldn’t ethically (in my view) be advocated until some “evidence” comes in.
I think reading between the lines that Mr Anderson has recognised this problem and has anecdotal evidence for certain Eastern medicines and such. The next step is to crowd-fund to properly scientifically investigate/research promising leads - one of which is the properties of MCTs - correct me if I’m wrong?
The thing is, all the big illnesses such as Cancer etc are supported by way of Charity, so can’t really crowd-fund/compete for that (no financial incentive for investors). Big Pharma is mainly interested in “for profit” superficial/cosmetic things, the more interesting stuff is being missed, but magic claims are being made by every scam fad diet type rip off merchants. I hope this is what Mr Anderson is pondering anyway.
The question I would have though, (I think it’s a great idea btw) Would crowd funders not mainly be motivated by the same big pharma motivations for investors? How do you ensure researchers are non-biased (and seen as such) and deal with large investments from interested scam merchant parties etc. I’m just asking things off top of my head as I find it an interesting concept.
PS, as far as I’m aware cholesterol is still a factor in heart disease, science hasn’t changed it’s mind, so to speak. My understanding is that previous advice from around 40 years ago was a bit too proscriptive and over the top - again correct me if I’m wrong here.