Cloud-Liking Demographics

I don’t know the exact statistics, but I’d imagine “the masses” have no problem buying into Cloud services as they exist today.

But there are also people who are skeptical of the cloud. People generally will view SAFE Net as a “Cloud,” and, in pure irony—because of Maidsafe etc. touting itself as a cloud, while rejecting all other clouds—will be shrugged off by those who have grown skeptical of cloud services. But it’s still TECHNICALLY, a cloud. (On top of its other features.)

On top of that, people will also be skeptical of the fact that it’s truly Safe, especially with the stigma/dogma that “everything is able to be hacked, eventually.” But those people are likely ignorant of SAFE’s employment of “layered encryption”—which one of my technical friends, who likes to be ahead of the times, says is definitely the future of security (even if he’s currently questioning SAFE, him being the natural skeptic… though he isn’t opposed to it, as long as he researches more and more into it… but, last time I showed him the github, he seemed…dismayed && convinced that the whole project was written in JavaScript… …the hell?).

Should we even call ourselves/itself a Cloud, or something else? Would my conservative mom be willing to use SAFE as a means of backup, she being incredibly not trusting of “clouds”? Would calling it a cloud instantly deter someone like her/others from ever looking at the system again? Or will all the many other aspects of SAFE be an inevitable bullet train that bypasses concern? I think any kind of correct marketing would quell this issue, let alone the features themselves.

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In my opinion NO

SAFE network is not really cloud as cloud is understood today anyhow. Cloud is a made up name to lure the masses into thinking their data is stored somehow magically.

If they really knew its just storing their data on someone else’s computer system/network they may not like it as much.

As such cloud should not be used as its marketing trickery anyhow.


I wouldn’t want to be a cloud. They are depressing, block out the sun, and can bring storms.

SAFE is the light of freedom! Like a beautiful rainbow.



Who knows, though. It might just catch on, anyway. One of the first things someone said when I showed him the years-ago video presentation was “holy ultimate cloud.” Granted, supposedly those presentations are very outdated.

Hopefully it’s more of a side thing, because, it’s possibly better to focus on everything else other than the storage aspect, and then let everyone slowly realize, “Hey, this is kind of like cloud storage, except different.”

It could be a short-lived phenomenon and then die out. So don’t fuel the cloud-worshiping fire by relying on it.