Closing all the business schools

There was a time in the US when there were no business schools and then a time when it wasn’t a respectible major. It still isn’t respectible its contemptible. Its like Iam going to go to school so I can tell other people what to do. You’d have to be a idiot to accept this. And its worse when we have people thinking that money entitles them to it and trying to cultivate that situation by keeping money scarce relative to people’s needs and wants and making sure money is the only practical way to satisfy needs and wants and insisting people need to be told what to do and need otherwise useless leaders to tell them what to do and dumbing down people’s children to make this easier.

Getting money for maidsafe is a prime example. Something useful that runs counter to control by money is suppressed for lack of it. Money is a conspiracy of the stupid by the stupid for the stupid.

Here is a primary example of idiot thinking:

“Stock prices are ultimately driven by profit growth, so in order for Tesla to turn out to be a good investment over the long haul, it’s going to eventually have to be profitable. “Eventually” could be a very long time – it all depends on how much of a leash investors decide to give Musk. Investing in Tesla is essentially investing in Musk – you need to believe that he has a path to profitability in mind, and won’t endlessly keep pouring all of its revenue – and then some – back into the business.”

Profitability is irrelevant, he could run it at break even and its a way better value for society, literally F%== stupid greedy investors (Id be included here) if they want more because they are getting more in the book value growth and likely appreciation of the stock value- they never need rent seeking dividends and should never get them- they aren’t owers in any real sense, no the public and the customers are more owners. The only real reason to not run at break even would be taxes if taxes weren’t able to tap gross revenue and could only tap net profit- society has to get something in return for the resources a businesses uses, its raw externality of existence. In a way delaying possibly permanently any dividend to investors is worth forgoing tax and makes the paying of investors incur in essence a dissuasive penalty. Fortunately the taxes comes out of both as both corporate tax and personal tax- no hiding personal income in the corporate matress.

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