Closed Poll: Should we hide Off-topic on the home page?

This question has come up before and has been mooted by some in mod discussions so we thought we’d ask the community to vote on it.

Should we show (as now) or hide Off-topic posts on the home page? If hidden they will still be accessible via the menu, just not visible on the home page.

  • Hide Off-topic posts
  • Leave visible (as now)
  • Don’t care

It does create a little confusion and chaos for newcomers on this website and because the network isn’t launched yet quite a few threads are off-topic. So it might be a good idea to at least hide the off-topic posts until the launch of the network and then see how much on-topic posts there will be.

As annoying as some of it can be, they are also sometimes quite worthwhile.

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I thought it wasn’t possible and this is exactly what I have been asking for for months now. I only answer them to stop all the pseudo-science and dis-information - I can put my feet up now…lol. No more Al Kafir, what a relief for everyone! Why the change of heart now btw?

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I also think some of them can be worthwhile but, at the same time sometimes they can be distracting. I come here to read and learn more about MaidSafe in particular, that is what is most important. I wouldn’t want “Off-topic” to get forgotten about though. “New” “Off-topic” discussions will still show up in the “New” tab I hope?

On a side note, I feel the FAQ could use some work and updating. I am also not sure that in the future there should be comments on the FAQ page. I think for now it is OK in order to get feedback, e.g. @Dana made some good comments, I too feel there needs to be more “average joe” documentation. Maybe there also needs to be a “How to” guide for how one could get started and/or ready for MaidSafe. An intro to cryptocurrency and its benefits (I understand this is in the Master Whitepaper but it is kind of buried). I guess I feel we are leaving part of “Everyone” out. I am more technical than most in my environment but I really do get lost here sometimes, which is cool, it is good for my learning. But, if “average joe” just sees technical and has no access to “simple” explanations /guides it will be hard to get him on board.

Just had a thought, maybe members can subscribe and unsubscribe to categories (like on reddit). Maybe not worth it but just a thought.

So…, that’s a Yes then?

It seems it went through a period where it could have been either mediated/moderated or hidden but it seems to have gotten better. If everyone’s concious about if they are over seeding, going off topic even for the off topic subject, and keep hostility down then I truly believe it’s beneficial. It’s keeps new topics on a daily basis so there’s content to read, it often times is something to think about, and allows for philosophical and strategic discussion of how one may address a naysayer of the network.

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It is a shame, I agree, but from my experience of off-topic, a hell of a lot of posts involve Conspiracy theories, Pseudo-science, trolling and quackery. Unless there is a separate off topic for this stuff which the mod can chuck posts in, then the good stuff just gets lost with the bad. ( this can be an issue itself, if mods don’t recognise what constitutes pseudo-science etc). My concern is that if the main page contains all kinds of tin foil hat stuff, then this leaves a bad impression… This is all compounded by the fact that the off-topic is now un-moderated too.
Others may dislike off-topic on main page for other reasons, I’m just giving mine.
Anyway, it looks like the vote is 80% in favour of removing, whatever the reasoning or lack of alternative solution, so I think we can now remove it can’t we?

Yes I side with leaving things as they are; simply because anyone can enable or disable what is showing up

As a result of previous requests of learning how to isolate the categories; Noticably there have been more projects, strategic threads, and relevant questions taking place.

That’s for users (which I’ve done, and it’s been a delight).

The concern is for people who aren’t users, who are coming here for actual information but don’t specifically want to join the conversation. If they’re getting bombarded with directly unrelated content, it’s not helpful.

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The pro censorship opinion

lol…the pro-sanity opinion.

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Cooking forums should hide 9/11 conspiracy conversations from their front page, jazz dancing forums should keep discussions about local politics off the front page, and a forum about distributed networking systems should keep the tag specifically made for conversations about other things off the front page. Sounds pretty logical to me.

Every conversation about everything can’t be happening everywhere at all times. Unless you want to change the name of this forum to “Stuff Discussions.”


The whole potential of MaidSAFE will be its impact on what currently comes under the heading “Off-Topic.”

The idea that the average hacker or engineer or person aware enough to check out this site needs their hand held on telling science from pseudo science or help with contextualizing or calculating odds on the paranormal or spiritual is laughable.

Short of core MaidSAFE staff, who is to say what is actually related or relevant or potentially relevant to MaidSAFE, its not a task that can be reasonably delegated to an enthusiast mod. Maybe a retired judge or retired professor, someone with maturity. Short of that the risk is high of silly games with moving posts around.

In my opinion, the site doesn’t need an editor, the point of the site is not prestige but communication and idea formulation and evaluation. There is a creative alchemy in cooperative efforts. The off topics may be noise or venting in some cases but it may be part of the creative process. It need not detract when its easy to switch off and does not take up the bulk of the forum entries.

So, when does the poll close and when will it be acted on?

Ok folks, after five days the poll outcome is very clearly in favour of moving Off-topic from the home page.

If the community wishes to review the decision mechanism and provide feedback for mods on the process, how different issues are handled etc, please do - but in a new topic.

Now I just have to figure out how to do this!