Clinton's paid speeches will come out

Its not like she can hide the paid sweet nothing’s she whispered in industries ears. This will come out. She can’t promise anything to the people except a totally unacceptable status qua because she made all sorts of promises to the people who bought and paid for her.

It will, but after she clinches the nomination.
Better luck in 2020!

Trump will soon be the only remaining candidate for the outraged voter.

It will be nice to see the Libertarian party take 5-10% of the vote.

I don’t think she can beat Trump. Trump is right she is incredibly weak as a candidate. Can’t beat a plutocrat if you are a paid “democratic corporate whore”

If Anonymous is going to be of any value in this on transparency now would be the time for them to act. There was something bit on youtube proclaiming to be Anyonymous saying it would do just that.

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