Climate Reparations

We have to go beyond climate security quickly to climate reparations. Where ever carbon energy tries to make profit that has to be squelched. They must be made to pay for externalities, wars and false flags going back decades. That means blocking any new carbon generation plants. Taxing away profit where possible. Eliminating and rolling back licenses and special subsidies. But most importantly it means flooding the market with green energy. It also means keeping these people out of and divesting them from agro-energy- transport. Its means breaking up their interlocking boards and their puppet media relations. It means exposing them and tying them to all that they’ve done including the 70s oil embargo and 911. We aren’t going to die in a nuclear war over their greed and stupidity.

Aligning the future of women and their power against the continued existence of the carbon fuel industry (oil/ng/coal) and the contextualizing thr industry as an enemy of humanity and getting it’s profit equated with a threat to national and global a security and a form of economic terrorism would be a very solid and desirable step in the right direction. Its time the name calling bad guys were out of the closet. The most important thing is the destruction of the political power behind oil-coal-ng, and that can be achieved through its economic destruction if it happens quick enough. It must be made to absorb the losses and not in any way be allowed to socialize its losses. When it tries it must be met with ever increasing reparation demands.