CLI abc options

Below, a simple list of commands in the CLI, in case that is useful for making the Command Line less intimidating to those not used to it.

The latest version of the SAFE CLI can be downloaded and installed using the install script.

The The SAFE CLI User Guide gives a walk through of how to upload content and use the CLI but sometimes just trying what the options are can be quicker to learn.


safe auth
safe auth allow
safe auth apps
safe auth clear
safe auth create-acc
safe auth deny
safe auth install
safe auth login
safe auth logout
safe auth reqs
safe auth restart
safe auth revoke
safe auth start
safe auth status
safe auth stop
safe auth subscribe
safe auth unsubscribe
safe auth update
safe cat
safe config
safe config add
safe config add network
safe config clear
safe config remove
safe config remove network
safe dog
safe files
safe files add
safe files get
safe files ls
safe files put
safe files rm
safe files sync
safe files tree
safe keypair
safe keys
safe keys balance
safe keys create
safe keys transfer
safe networks
safe networks add
safe networks check
safe networks remove
safe networks switch
safe nrs
safe nrs add
safe nrs create
safe nrs remove
safe setup
safe setup completions
safe update
safe vault
safe vault install
safe vault killall
safe vault run-baby-fleming
safe vault update
safe wallet
safe wallet balance
safe wallet create
safe wallet insert
safe wallet transfer
safe xorurl
safe xorurl decode

The list above can be refreshed with:
$ safe setup completions | grep '_describe -t commands' | sed "s/ _describe -t commands '//" | sed 's/commands.*//' | sort | grep -v 'help'

The standard “help” is not listed but on most all these commands, you can expect to add --help to the end and that will provide more detail.


nicely done! :smile:


@davidpbrown is a sed genius



ugh perl. It’s like somebody gave a tribe of howler monkeys a truckload of 90% non alpha-numeric symbols and promised them unlimited bananas if they would hurl them at the screen – to misquote somebody else very badly…

PS you should get an extra like just for using an xkcd toon in ANY context whatsoever.

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I had a friend who used to take part in Obfuscated Perl competitions – note the past tense…

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Guy I used to know was still writing stuff like this until a few years ago.
We fell out when I called him the William Rees-Mogg of geeks. He did take himself dreadfully seriously but was a reliable source of err … comestibles for a time.