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Got one @goindeep (where they run the show)

Cherán, Mexico, 20,000 inhabitants.
The Mexican Town That Kicked Out Politicians And Started Over

No Police.
No Government.
No Crime (so they claim)
I found it pretty interesting.


We have to get to the root of these problems. There has been 2 world wars in the century before social media ever was invented, just to put things into perspective. I do agree that mob mentality and misinformation runs rampant through society but it was not caused by social media. It’s due to a monetary and class hierarchy that divides society at every opportunity and purposely dumbs down the masses. The propaganda spewed around-the-clock by the world’s major media outlets, working hand-in-hand, is far more culpable for our divisive, emotionally charged politics. In a world 99% are ruled by 1%, the root of the problem can hardly be direct-democracy.

The resolution has to come from changing these monetary and political structures that dominate society and intentionally subvert the truth. So that criminality isn’t directly programmed into reality and an essential part of its design; and our value systems reflect those principles we want echoed out into the wider world.


People get far too caught up in the details. The NAP is what it says - a principle to not use aggression to get what you want. We teach this to our children and it is the foundation of our legal system. There is nothing childish about that.

What is childish, is taking what is not yours under threats of violence. It is what children do until theh learn it is not acceptable. Children are too immature to understand the repercussions of their actions and may find it difficult to negotiate for similar reasons. Adults, on the other hand, have little excuse for this - they should know better.

There are lots of things that were never invented or used in the past. It is also very easy to centralise and manage from the top. That doesn’t mean it is desirable or the only way forward. Many of us are here watching this project for this very reason.

Take a principle and see where it leads. See what challenges it presents and work to rise to them. That is all we can do.


That looks like a terrible place to live.

It still has state and federal funding and they still have crime and their own laws, nice try bro.

No one is taking “Anarchists” seriously. Grow up (not you,


So the adult decision is to hand over all your authority to somebody else?

You’d be happier to live in a place run by ruthless drug cartels??

It’s clear you don’t even understand anarchism if you think it has no laws.