Clann (a self-governance platform, founded upon anarchist non-hierarchical principles)

So the adult decision is to hand over all your authority to somebody else?

You’d be happier to live in a place run by ruthless drug cartels??

It’s clear you don’t even understand anarchism if you think it has no laws.

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So what is the status of your project? Please keep us updated, some of us would like to know about your progress.

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I run my own show every day. So do many people. The question with Anarchism is whether you delegate some of your show (responsibility) to other people (AnCap), or hope that other people share in the responsibility (AnCom).

To achieve their ends:

The statist delegates authority without limit, although they may have some various random moral limits individually - limits which may or may not be accepted by those to whom they’ve delegated their authority - fundamentally however all State’s by definition violate the NAP. The statist supports the State religiously - e.g. voting, paying taxes (tithing), and continuing to use State fiat money (not using or working toward alternatives).

The AnCap delegates authority, but limited to the NAP. As the Ancap form of delegation is done through negotiated payment (of some form) it can be easily withdrawn and hence the delegated authority will likely halt it’s actions. People everywhere act as AnCaps all the time - e.g. when they buy their groceries, hire a mechanic, buy maidsafe tokens, etc.

The AnCom does not delegate authority at all, but hopes that others will join them and aid them voluntarily. Many of us act as AnComs everyday too.

So, in fact, anarchism is the default that always exists everywhere - because Anarchists do exist … statism however is also dominant cultural paradigm today as statists do exist.

In many ways and many places capitalism has been a fairly dominant force - so these capitalists (both anarchist and statist) are running their own show, and have been for hundreds of years now and statism has existed alongside it as a parasite. Hence, if you want to be shown any modern day civilization where Anarchism runs the show at least in part, I’d simply say look around - it’s everywhere.

Statism will never fully go away as there will always be statists … but over time and through technology like the Safe Network, we can lessen it’s control over the culture, society, and civilization and move toward more Anarchism overall.