CISA passed in America

Reddit is blowing up today with CISA stuff

Top 4 posts are almost never about the same topic, except today…

I guess the US govt hid it in their budget, which Obama had no choice but to sign

So now basically all us-based companies have to give all their customer’s data to the NSA

Anyway I hope we can have a beta SAFE testnet to play around with / crowd debug soon


Then US companies will likely have no EU customers, due to EU rulings… :smiley:


Its so contradictory as thw EU and US laws gets in conflict


Which groups, do you have a link?? Thanx.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we know there’s loopholes that lets the big companies operate in both countries, else the laws wouldn’t have gotten passed without somebody ending up in a gay sex scandal or dead.

Lol…do I detect a smidgeon of cynicism? :smile:
Personal data will not be allowed to be transmitted from EU to US, is my understanding. This ruling just appears to underscore the problem and harden the EU’s resolve. I don’t think there will be any deliberate loopholes myself, …don’t know, but can’t see it.
The World’s got fed up of US I think and it’s UK poodle. UK need to align more with rest of Europe and wake up and smell the coffee really. :smiley: .

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Sorry I looked again and I think I had it set on “this week” instead of “today” top stories so the top 4 of the week (not today) were all CISA.

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I quickly went to fight the good fight, but then realized their stupidity and what it will likely cause. One, big data companies are forced to now chose between sharing their product value (our data) with the government or change their profit making approach by providing service that protects personal data from everyone (including themselves).

Secondly, the exodus away from American tech companies is nothing compared to what it will now be with this unmistakable greedy grab from the US government. Hell Im American and tend to avoid US comoanies. So now big data “free” services companies will be forced to protect people’s data or perish. I think this is why all the big names fought this.