CIA Prepping for Possible Cyber Strike Against Russia

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The US OPSEC must suck really bad if such attack is effectively being prepared and it got leaked to the press, come on… not “covert” anymore dumbasses


I am pretty hard left and I was very worried Hillary got purchased and would get us into a war with Russia over Iran which could turn nuclear. I don’t have that feeling now. I think both powers are simply trying to go back to a bipolar world for a new stability narrative. The terrorism bs is wearing thin- you have Pope saying capitalism is its cause which is pointing the finger at the West and some if its ideology. But how do we go back to a binary world when its the same economic system in Russia right now and oil is increasingly irrelevant. Also the internet bringing more transparency and breaking down borders. I think its for show.


She’s been purchased by George Soros from the beginning and been taking bribes from Monsanto and ISIS as well. Yeah I think the “sold out” ship has sailed on that one. Clinton has been sold, lock, stock and barrel. Also consider she’s picking a fight with Russia. You’re right tho, the terrorism propaganda is total bs. The U.S. funds ISIS then uses it as a scapegoat and justification for war. Classic case of creating a problem in order to solve it.

No, the geopolitics of Syria are more complicated than that.
ISIS is a real threat for everyone, but there are regional complications regarding to how to fight it for the different allegiances down there.
Everybody agrees to fight ISIS, but the problem is that Syria is in the middle of a revolution, where rebels want to take down the despotic government (fueled by the arab spring), and the official government labeling these insurgents as terrorists as well (instead of reforming or stepping down).
The problem is that while the US wants to support the rebels to fight ISIS, the Russians are supporting the official despotic government to fight ISIS by themselves. Russians support the official government because they have their own diplomatic ties with the despotic ruler (it is a strategic point for Rusia to have a base in the middle east), and if the insurgents overthrow the government their influence and presence there will be gone.

Now to make matters more complicated:

  1. The enemy of the Syrian state are both the rebels and ISIS
  2. The enemy of the Rebels are the Official syrian government and ISIS
  3. The Russians in support of the Syrian government, attack both ISIS AND THE REBELS.
  4. The Americans supporting the rebels attack ISIS AND ASSIST THE REBELS.

So it is almost comical, imagine you are fighting against ISIS and the russians dropping bombs to an ISIS squad, you cheering for the assistance only to see them turning and dropping bombs on you as well. It is freaking madness.

Now, who is funding ISIS?
To explain that you have to delve deep into the different religious branches in Islam and the tribal factions. There are supporters of their jihad for religious affiliation and for political convenience as well.
But in short, the main benefactor of ISIS are the powerful Saudi families and Turkey.
You see in there two main branches of Islam: the Shias and Sunnis. After Mohammed died one group decided that since there isn’t a rightful heir to the prophet so they chose Mohammed’s closest friend as his successor by vote (Sunnies).
The other group thinks that the blood ties are everything so they thought that the natural successor to the leadership was Mohammed’s cousin who is also his son-in-law (Shiites).
And they hated each other for centuries, they consider each other to be blasphemous and illegitimate, to the point that some extremist groups consider that there isn’t any other solution other than the total extermination of the other one. ISIS is one of those groups, they are radical Sunnis and they don’t consider that converting to Islam is enough, but your life depends on being on the “right” side of Islam. If ISIS militants discover that you are a Shia muslim, you are killed, tortured or raped. (they can tell by asking you to pray, if your customs are different, you are killed, that’s the test)
So the natural suspects are the countries that are rooting for ISIS are the Sunni countries, so it is no surprise that the royal families of Saudi Arabia are assisting financially to ISIS, and it is known that the stolen oil is sold in the black markets of Turkey.

There are more nuances to the conflict in the middle east, but this is what is going on in a nutshell.


Is sounds more like a bluff that didn’t deliver.

This is the worst reality tv show I’ve ever seen! The script has been so predictable!

Yea, either their opsec suck, or it is counterintelligence psyop campaign… or it could be someone trying to twist the arm politically with a leak, to force the executive to do an overt operation with the weight of the public opinion.

It’s a safe bet that there have been plenty of covert cyber everythings going on against Russia already. Talking about them on the news is for the show, but idk who had the idea that trying to bully Putyin this way could do anything but backfire.

isn’t topic more off than cybersecurity btw?

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It is about cyber security my intentions were to have that discussion about it and the potential retaliation for hacking and its relationship to safementwork. @Melvin I appreciate you move the off topic rants please but keep my post in the original topic.

Exactly, its not like it matters that much. So why make a big deal about it? It fits perfectly well into what the whole safenet discussion. Is this not a clear example of what the safenet is protecting against? Cyber attacks? Is this not a clear example of how the Government works in some cases? The mod here doesnt read the topic outline.

“Topics about the range of things that the SAFE Network protects against, and for discussing new threats, and ways to mitigate them.”

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Political scenarios are implicit in cybersecurity in the global scale, not only what happens is important but why it happens too… and depending on who the players are, your threat model may change or make it more likely.

Back to topic- SAFE may be helpful here as it will be harder to propgandize this wag-the-dog type stuff. “Isis Unveiled” was H.P. Blavatsky’s first book. ISIS seems to be Illuminist babal. Id guess ISIS is CIA. Russia and US don’t want WW3 they just want another phoney cold war narrative, its useful for nuclear proliferation issues as well.

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In the beheadings you’ve got this guy with a Cambridge accent on camera doing it. And the beheadings and towers falling are just more symbolism to scare the rich. In WW2 this terror process almost started up but Roosevelt said he’d mix remains with pig entrails- this is the claimed reason it didn’t happen then. This is something new? With the IRA which was real (not false flag or big state deception) they weren’t called terrorists- maybe because they were Catholics and their struggle produced results? From 911 down its been large state manipulations to keep defense profits up and populations distracted. But they know people are increasingly skeptical of terror and have terror fatigue. A poll in Germany not long ago found that 90% of Germans thought 911 was a US false flag.
Insiders in US intel think US intel is a joke a collosal waste of money with non existent or phony results- Richard David Steele makes this case. The budget eating unacknowledge special access programs seem more serious but also amount to very serious corruption.

I’m pretty sure the Thai king who recently passed away was also CIA, considering he spoke fluent English. Also, it is equally possible he was just born in Massachusetts.

Yes, because the opinion of random people is evidence. Thank you.

I’ll stop here and mute this thread or I could might as well go and watch some flat-earther vids on youtube.