CIA Global Hacking Tools - WikiLeaks

Just released, any good articles please post below:


You beat me to it Happybeing! Was just going to post about this.

Details CIA malware for hacking computers, smart-phones, servers, routers … seems like important reading for SAFE’rs.


:slight_smile: well, I’ve given up on the race to important stuff: MaidSafe Developer Updates. That means I’m left with the crumbs: the CIA’s cyber warfare arsenal.

I’ve skim read the WikiLeaks summary. Plenty of interesting stuff in there, some eyebrow raisers, and important to have the facts. Essentially, as we suspected, extremely hard (impossible really) to protect from a targeted attack by a nation state, unless you are one, and as this shows, even if you are!

And confirmation, by lack of contradiction at least, that what Snowden said about encryption still being safe remains true up to 2016 at least.

It will be interesting to see what gems journalists pull out of the entire cache.


Love the top comment on Reddit:

The part about them being able to hack into cars to carry out covert
assassinations is insane. I’m not too worried about the gov knowing what
porn sites I visit, but the fact that they could hack into newer
vehicles, to run covert assassinations, is scary as hell. If they can
figure it out, so can anyone else with time/experience/motive.

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Techies has warned about this years ago, long before snowden leak.

And now, people are “shocked!” Color me surprised. :rolling_eyes:

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Unfortunately, this seems to be true. We need SAFE, but we also need an OS built around a secure, mathematically proven microkernel (such as what Genode is becoming) for our phones and computers, and finally (and this is thing become increasingly difficult) we’ll need hardware that we can trust was not compromised.

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Does any of this effect SAFE?

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Not directly. There’s one obvious benefit: raising awareness that privacy and security are under constant attack, and we can’t trust anyone to protect us even when they say they will (Obama promised government would not hoard zero-day vulnerabilities, but the documents sure that the CIA were doing that) etc. However, mainstream news are still largely uninterested!

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What do you mean by not directly? Does this effect the SAFE network or not? Is it compromised?

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No. That’s what I meant by not directly, sorry that wasn’t clear.

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