Chunk store configurable path?

Is there now a means of specifying the path to the chunk store, a config entry or command-line switch?

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Yes, you can change the path to the chunk store by modifying the chunk_store_root config entry in safe_vault.vault.config.

I just did a quick test on OS X and it works :slight_smile:

Here is what my safe_vault.vault.config file looks like:

  "wallet_address": null,
  "max_capacity": 524288000,
  "chunk_store_root": "/Users/frabrunelle/Desktop"

Thank you, I now have an unlimited number of vaults running on one host. :slight_smile:


What unit are the chunks stored in? Bytes, KBs, MB? what? I seriously think someone needs to add annotation to the vault config file.

Chunks are a max of 1 MB, but can be smaller, and whatever size the chunk is what is stored.

The total size of your vault is specified in bytes in the config file. Thus no K or M or G

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Okay so

for example = 52 GB, 42MB and 8KB aproximately. I know bytes are actually base 8 or something so it’s not an exact thousand. I just want to make sure I’m reading, and consequently will be writing, the numbers correctly.

524,288,000 = 524MiB 288KiB == 500 * 1024 * 1024 = 500 * 2^20

Not 52GB

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Okay cool. Well this is why I asked. :slight_smile:

And just to refresh my memory.

1 byte = 8 bits.
1 kb = 1024 bytes
1 mb = 1024 kb
1gb = 1024 mb
1tb = 1024 gb

And so on so I’d be dividing by 1024 each time?

Yes correct.

But they then confused the situation with

1KiB = 1000 bytes
1MiB = 1000 MiB

Thats what happens when financial bods take control of technical development & sales.

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