Christmas is here - the first SAFE Network tree!

Hello friends,

I have a Christmas gift for the team and the community - the first SAFE tree :dragon:

Screenshot_2019-11-30_04-57-08 Screenshot_2019-11-30_04-57-27 Screenshot_2019-11-30_04-57-46 Screenshot_2019-11-30_04-58-03

If you wish you can add more nodes to the SAFE forest - SECTION 001 :dragon: :rocket: :dragon:
Screenshot_2019-11-30_05-18-37 Screenshot_2019-11-30_05-18-56


Dimitar you never cease to surprise with your creativity and ambition. Really cool idea!


Another special tree dedicated to David :dragon:


Man we create a forest of trees when we launch? It would be great if each new farmer planted one! :grinning:


Fresh marketing! What a great idea Dimitar, so pure and good! :deciduous_tree:


Yes, love it! Emphasises the green credentials vs blockchain too!


How about planting a tree for every day it takes before we launch?

We could boast “We plant trees while building the SAFE Network – 'cause blockchain sucks”.

EDIT: We might rival some huge forests in the end :heart_eyes:


I like your idea but let’s do it with 1 tree per week because they are expensive. The cheapest is 14.90 euro, I can spend money on 1 tree per month. What about you? :dragon:

Well done on this dimitar.
These guys claim to plant one for every £5

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This week I came across the following 2 articles regarding (the usefulness of) planting trees (in Flanders): Stop tree planting promotions and Why we should keep planting trees.
In summary: there are many factors and variables at play. It may be useful, but being lazy (let nature do its thing) or sowing may be the better option, depending on the circumstances.

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I don’t know if it’s bad to plant trees, but I know it’s good to help people. Treedom use the money to help local communities, so you don’t just plant a tree, you help a person have food :dragon:


Like the initiative, is their any research made on the organization and the people in charge, are there ways to verify where the trees are planted and what happens long term with them.

I know some organizations where evidence looks like they are frauds, so I never deal with when I can’t confirm that the organizations are 100% the real thing.

The organisation I referred to above, even if they claim that they are making legit investments, is called BetterGlobe, evidence gives a high probability of a ponzie scheme. So I’am always cautious with tree organisations and things that can’t be confirmed and where the results can’t be verified.


Before sending them money for trees, I investigated them and found no allegations of fraud …

But you’re right, I’ll do a thorough study :dragon_face:


I meant any tree planted by any safehead in the world.

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