Choosing a banner for r/safenetwork

As mentioned in the Reddit Migration to r/safenetwork topic, it would be great to have a new banner for r/safenetwork that looks sharper (the previous banner has actually already been replaced, but we haven’t chosen a new banner yet. The one you see on r/safenetwork at the moment is there just for testing purposes).

A few community members such as @Suriana and @Arcturus have submitted potential designs for the banner of r/safenetwork. To help decide which banner we should use for r/safenetwork, we (the moderators of r/safenetwork) would like to do a poll that includes the designs that seem the most promising.

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4

Please vote in this poll to let us know which design you prefer:

  • Design #1
  • Design #2
  • Design #3
  • Design #4

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Once we agree on a design, we can still make some minor tweaks to make sure it looks good on many screen sizes and at many zoom levels.


I really like how sharp 1. Is but I like the design of 4. So much. I feel like 4. Should be either more white or more dark.

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Imo 4 is the best one

Here is the previous version of Design #4:

Maybe we should have included this version in the poll instead? They are very similar and we can still make some minor tweaks once we agree on a design.


I think the “Safe network” shows up better in the version you replied with so perhaps! Not sure though. I kind of meant either darker or lighter overall though. Just an opinion


I can definitely experiment with different styles, but we might need a second poll if I make big changes in the design. Here’s a darker one with the logo more centered toward the light


Sure, I think it would be fine to do a second poll to agree on which version of a particular design to use :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely think it’s headed in the right direction.

awesome work! all of it! =) and super awesome you just submitted those suggestions @Suriana and @Arcturus


The font of 1;2;3 makes that almost one option. No contest 4 is best of those - because of the background… 3 is weakest. The foreground of 4 could be made as Secure Access For Everyone too without much effect on perception of the design. Then, as a banner perhaps less is more.

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Something like this? :slightly_smiling_face:


Secure Access
For Everyone


SAFE Network

or perhaps one of each of left and right side.

I dig the top one. (20 char)

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I changed my mind having just seen design#2 on /r/safenetwork - looks idea for that.
see at

@davidpbrown Which one do you prefer?? The banner at the link?

From here it appears to be Design#2 in the OP that’s heading up /r/safenetwork/ atm

I’m a little confused. Number 4 in the OP Poll is winning and when I got to the reddit I see the number 4 banner.

Looks like number 2 is on the web browser version and number 4 is on the app version of the reddit page.

No reason I’d be seeing the app version… browser here. Likely it’s just being rotated in some fashion… and complication of caching, if there isn’t a forced refresh.

I’m seeing number 4 on mobile in the browser