Choose which categories are on a user's mainpage


I was wondering, if it was easily possible to let a user decide which categories of threads populate the mainpage of the forum; For example, to select that only “Strategy, Projects, Network, Development” to be displayed and therefore each thread from other categories would not display unless I visited those categories from the drop down menu;

Also, I could select all categories which would populate all threads to the mainpage.

Closed Poll: Should we hide Off-topic on the home page?


thanks @janitor

So anyone can switch off topics they won’t readily see;


Thanks @janitor, the off topic is getting out of hand.


Yes, you can mute those and you can also mute individual topics within topics you do watch (there’s a button for that when you get to a list of new topics, in the bottom right corner).

(By the way today the site won’t let me upload images from my PC so I had to upload them to first… And so in 2-3 weeks they’ll be gone).