China seeks World Number 1 Super Power Status

Is it just me or does it seem like China is encouraging North Korea to start a war with USA? China would seem to be the winner in such an event especially as the USA is bankrupt and cannot pay its Trillions of debt back to China. This war would then make the USA the aggressor and make China the outright winner. Although such a disastrous war would kill millions in the process as there is no First strike option with North Korea as their millitary is protected underground from first strikes. And with Russia now starting to rattle its cage and Venezuela blowing up, it seems the world has lost its grip on stability.
DAO it seems has no protection against a worldwide EMP strike.

Doubt it. The Chinese government fears internal instability above all else. A US strike on N. Korea would lead to millions of refugees flooding across the border into China. Plus there would be many calls for China to retaliate against the US for an attack on an old ally. It would be a disaster for China.


I believe that China does enjoy using North Korea to fluster the U.S., while holding themselves above the fray, just as passive observers.

However, this is a dangerous game for them to play, because if and when the U.S. takes action, the result will be a unified, U.S.-allied Korea, directly on China’s (and Russia’s) border. They risk losing their North Korean buffer and may end up with U.S. missles planted directly on their borders. This is why it is in their interest to handle this situation before the U.S. handles it.

Now, an argument can be made as to how much of a threat that North Korea really is, and whether all of this is not just theater to give the U.S. an excuse to to exactly what I have described. All the more reason for China to remove this excuse, before it is used.

Edit: It occurs to me that China is in a lose-lose situation here. If they do nothing, the U.S. may attack North Korea and they will have to deal with a unified Korea. However, if they remove the Kim family from power, a unified Korea would probably follow relatively soon afterwards anyway. Their best bet is to do nothing and hope that the U.S. continues to bluster without acting.

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