China bans VPNs from February 2018

The market for SAFEnetwork grows and grows.

Fingers crossed we have a beta in time for this little campaign :slight_smile:


How about VPNcoin (VASH)? I think Chinese people are more likely to adopt home-grown companies (such as weibo and baidu). I think having a Chinese team or partnership would really help in the adoption of Safenet in China. I’m thinking Neo.


There seems to be no problems with VPNs as of now, though there is the usual difficulties that are ever present from time to time. Problem for me was that I was never able to successfully use my invitation to log in to the test net. Just tried again after updating from version 0.7- to 0.9, after several months away from the forum. Confirmed IP address was updated again, but no luck. Will have to try next time I’m overseas.

Hope the project is making progress, it’s hard to understand what the possibilities are with Maidsafe from the forum and secondhand accounts only.