Chia - lottery and health

Seems to me chia is lottery.

But i wanna talk why it has reached 10EB, from 4EB two weeks ago! And why people do it. (EB is Exa Bytes)

I read and watched a documentary about health benefits by feeling bad things for a bit and then fulfilling our needs fully.

E.g. it said that if you are hungry once in a while and then you eat normally aka not feeling hungry at all helps with health.

So back to lottery:

People instinct about lottery is the same

so people get into lottery where they feel uneasy and adventurous but because of the nature of lottery they end up loosing again and again but the big price is always making them feel uneasy.

source @ 30:20 he is talking about intermitent diet saying that feeling hungry and then eat normally helps with aging based on all the research he has done

so I connect the high increase in Chia in EB because its a lottery

edit: a positive on this is that once Safe Network open its wings there will be people who used Chia with 10EB that will easily change slowly towards Safe Network