CheerpX: a possible model for a Safe Network hosted OS?

CheerpX is interesting:

We are talking about an always available, zero-cost, virtual machine with guaranteed data privacy .

CheerpX is able to run compiled x86 code (so any source language) in the browser with an HTTP based read-only filesystem delivering the OS (Debian in this case), and local writeable storage in the browser (I think). Uses WebAssembly in the browser.

Some ideas for a Safe hosted OS perhaps?



Always thanks for finding great project


Quick question, is Cheerpx and what is being talked about…

  • an OS meant to run on the safe network?
  • an OS meant to run other programming languages on the safe browser?
  • a best OS for hosting safe nodes on a VM?
  • a best OS for hosting safe nodes that replaces VM’s altogether?
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Running Apps

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I’d say it can be regarded as both:

  • apps which run in the browser, written in any language
  • a complete OS running in the browser

And in our use case, using storage on Safe Network both for app created data and for loading the OS which runs in the browser (so runs on the client).


like my idea of browser in a browser!

If CheerpX can run Debian and can support a hypervisor like KVM and virtualization manager like libvirt, then you could have a whole other network running in the browser. I don’t know why but you could.

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