Chaos Communication Congress

Organisations like this should really be made aware of maidsafe. I tried searching their website but nothing.

I hope someone Google’s their name as stumbles here.


Three weeks ago:

Yearly congresses organized by CCC:

Computer Club but no joke:
The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is Europe’s largest association of hackers with 5500 registered members.

Germans as always too German:
Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) ist ein deutscher Verein, in dem sich Hacker zusammengeschlossen haben. Der Verein hat sich zu einer maßgebenden Nichtregierungsorganisation (NGO) zu allen Fragen der Computersicherheit entwickelt.

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I like the CCC Congress a lot. Would be good if MaidSafe could get a slot there. Wasn’t quite as good this year as some years IMO (but maybe the best ones were in German). I enjoyed this talk by Sci-Fi writer Charles Stross

And this one by Tijmen Schep

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Truly fascinating presentation. Thank you!

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Tijmen Schep has really captured my interest thank you very much for posting his presentation - His theory on social cooling is brilliant. He said new words are the best hacks - I want to throw one in -
This describes a human who has been mesmerised by a screen blanking out all other distractions. Its more obvious in a dark room as the light from a screen looks alot like an aquarium and the absolute absorbtion in an insular excercise is a bit like living in a goldfish bowl…
Being Fishtanked is no fun but Fishtanking others is easily done.


There’s a write-up of some of the presentations on the CCC here. Again, it would be a great place for MaidSafe to present at.

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I agree and thank you for posting this brilliant, informative article. I’m already deeply impressed by Tijmen Schep’s work on social cooling, and it was great to know of more specialists around the world working hard in difficult circumstances to highlight important issues. I really liked the author’s perspective and the call to speak out!
Conversations need to happen, and not in hallways anymore. They need to happen publicly. They need to happen loudly.