Changing The Main Public ID's (Mac OS X)


  • How one change their Main Public Id?

  • Suppose we find out that our public id is someone’s else business and we do not want to be part of it.

  • Is there a way to change our main public id?


register a new longName using
and give the unwanted one back using

you’ll then have to recreate any services you had using

If you’re using the demo app to set things up simply delete your current long name and relaunch the demo app and you can recreate everything from there.

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Hi @drunkcod,

I am on the Mac OS X,

… and how exactly do you access the field to delete your “Public ID” using the demo app?


Hey @ebonsi,

sorry for being unclear. You can’t delete your public id using the demo app, you’ll have to do that using the api endpoints above.

But once you’ve deleted it the demo app will prompt you to create it the next time you start it.
If you’re familiar with node the samples in the docs should suffice, simply auth + delete /dns.
Otherwise the api is very workable from your language of choice.

(as a Windows based .Net dev I’m sadly rather useless for throwing a sample app together for your environment)

Thanks @drunkcod,

You must be on Windows so I need someone that understands the Mac operational system structure so I know what folders and files to delete to restart the app fresh without the present ID.
In the Mac OS X most things are located at "Library/Application Support/SAFE Demo App"
Other places would be on “Library/Preferences/com.maidsafe.safelauncher”
… and upon re-start the Application everything will be recreated new.

Otherwise I will have to re-install the app again.

Update on this:
Since I am on the Mac OS X, that exactly what you have to do to get rid of your public id. I am not very found to have other people’s business name as an ID because it is just taking unnecessary risks of being sued. When I create the id I was just inventing it from my head. When I went to do a research, opppss! There it was, my both ids was a well established business. Haaaah, it is just asking for trouble, I guess. Anyway, here is what I did;

1- Went to Library/Application Support/
2- and deleted the folders, SAFE Demo App and SAFE Launcher, you do not need to delete the SAFE Launcher Helper.
3- Then I went to the Applications Folder and deleted only the SAFE Demo App. You do not need to delete the Launcher App. You also do not need to delete anything on the Preferences Folder.
4- Re-started the SAFE Launcher App and everything start from 0. Detail: You will have to create a new password again, the Launcher App will not accept your old password.
Since I have backups of everything, It took me just a few minutes to put my site back on line.

Everything is working just fine!


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Just a few thoughts on this.
Reinstalling the Launcher and creating a new secret + password will create a new account.
This new account will of course be empty and lets you start over.

Except. The old account will still be on the network, not a problem for the current test nets but you’ve essentially now squatted the old public id and thrown away the key :smiley:
Hope that other business never wanted it :wink:

This means that anything you’ve put up publicly on your old account is still available and visible.
Only you know if that’s a problem or not :slight_smile:


Well, My question was here on the forum at the ID section for quite a while. No one took the time to respond the question. It is ok, we are all busy doing something. However, that obligated me to create this post to get more exposure and ask for help from the community.

I am sure grateful for your help but I was not instructed accordingly how to dispose of the ID properly.

It is ok for you to tell me that right now but I wish you would have told me before how to proper dispose of an ID so other people can use in the future. You see, I am not a person with unlimited free time on my hands. I have some time to resolve some issues and I will do using the best of my capacity.

I did looked and researched for the answer to my question without any success.

I realized that I was the only one facing this type of technical issue. On top of that, it seems like I am in an operational system where not too many people are working here. Anyway, I still have the password from the previous account, if that is a concern that could be corrected. If I understand correctly, many things here are new and many of the issues are in BETA phase. We should be able to change an ID or dispose of one ID without having to go through all these technical issues. Maybe the developers could change that in the future and in addition write a comprehensive tutorial of how to properly disposed of an id for both operational systems.

My best regards,

@Krishna_Kumar note to MaidSafe: guidance and tools needed to help users manage public IDs before data becomes persistent (Demo App doesn’t provide a way to delete public IDs) - otherwise IDs will be lost unnecessarily as explained above.