Changing pin, keyword or password

Is it going to be possible to change any of these?
If so, how, since the encryption is based on those things?
If not, this should be highlighted very clearly to anyone who’s creating an account. I would then also not put the password into my password manager and instead find something I can remember no matter what.

Disagree about password manager. You can run it in a virtual machine without network access, and set a huge, random password.

If fear of compromises of the host is a factor, then you must also realize that a simple keylogger would defeat the much-weaker, easy-to-memorise password.

OK, I could do that but Joe Lunchbucket couldn’t.
Another problem is, mobile technology. I’m not running a virtual machine on my phone.

I suppose there are going to be apps developed that allow you to recover your password in some way, maybe by sending it to one’s phone.

There’s also KeePassDroid for Android, not sure about iOS. You can instead set a good random thousands-characters password for this stuff and use a long, easy to memorize 15-30 char password to protect the password manager.

And have it timeout and re-lock the db fairly quickly.

I can only speak for Android since it’s the platform I’m more familiar with (mobile), the guarantees the system gives you about apps not being able to mess with each other are pretty strong.

As for Joe Lunchbucket, you know, same problem with keeping bitcoin securely… at some point you gotta trust that your computer isn’t owned and everything you type isn’t being sent to a server in China. Unfortunately in my analysis, for Joe and Jane DinnerBottle, that actually means that their mobile phone is more secure than their laptop.

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It’s all OK you can change password/pi/keyword at will, Just not shown in app yet.

[EDIT - Add, this does not affect your public ID in any way]

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