Changelly experts are in constant search for cryptocurrencies, which would fit the needs of our clients the best. Today’s addition to the list is MaidSafe coin. Learn more about our newcomer in this blog post


Confusing title on the blog… but good article!

Agreed and I changed it to what the first line says.

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Nice!, Yeah I thought it would be about exchanging BTC to MAID or something using Changelly…but it was just a blog post (a pretty good one!) about Maidsafe!

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“The user doesn’t get coins every time a chunk of data is retrieved” -> I believe he DOES get coins
"MAIDs get destroyed to make sure that there are always coins to be earned"
-> better phrasing would be recycled instead of destroyed

The user does not get a coin for every chunk retrieved

They get a coin on average one retrieval in FD GETS.
where FD = 1 / FR
and FR==farmingrate

Although the coins are destroyed. The coin SD object is actually deleted. Which is a part of the recycling process.