Change title for concerns SAFE

Hey @Melvin & other mods, I just suggested a new title for this OP, as the old one was incorrect and damaging, and keeps popping up to the top of our SAFE Network Forums because people keep discussing on it.

You can change it to whatever you need, but I think by suggestion is much more accurate of the situation than the last one was.


I don’t really know how this works, like if anyone can see my title suggestion or not.

Let me know if you want me to type it out.

IDK if it’s only appearing for me or if anyone else can see it also


100% agree. +1 20 char

Edit: I think “Snake in the grass” is a better title but yours will do :wink:


Everybody can see it, I changed it again (choose one quickly). Maybe it’s a good idea to change the title, can you PM @moderators or start a new thread in META about this?

Yeah @moderators can we update this title?

The main point I want to get across is that his concerns are all from past issues that have been fixed or are currently being fixed (RFC’s) and even this current title doesn’t get that point across.

Even just adding:
"Dated SAFE Network concerns from an old employee"
Would sufficiently get that information across to anyone reading it

But in case anyone missed the title I originally put, it’s still my #1 choice for this thread’s OP title:

"Former MaidSafe contract worker outlines issues that have already been addressed concerning the SAFE Network."

I’m not 100% certain that this:

is true to be honest. If it is, I agree we can and should change the title :slight_smile: @polpolrene has been involved in the topic, do you agree with @whiteoutmashups conclusion?

The title is fine as it is now. Not up to mods or something to decide of the claims made are old or new . I think we’re good as it is.


Don’t hand out ammo. If ‘they’ exist, ‘they’ would love to cry censorship.

My 2 cents - leave it as it is or you’ll be accused of being a Theymos.

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“They” did not name the thread. Melvin should be free to change the heading as he deems appropriate he chose it to start.


Couldn’t have said it better myself

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My post got deleted for some reason.

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You aren’t alone on that!

I’m sorry, we sent the others a PM but I forgot to sent you one.