Change my maidsafe to safecoin after long time sleeping

If i store my maidsafecoin in a wallet during few year’s. Can i change my maidsafe in safecoin if maidsafe didn’t exist when i come back ?

I’d guess the process will stay open for a long time. I’d certainly guess at ‘years’ personally. I think the company MaidSafe still need to be around to facilitate the tx though, afaik.

Can someone link me the difference of holding MAID & Safe Coin or is there one?

SafeCoin won’t exist until network launch. MAID will be transferable 1 to 1 for SafeCoin. The day TestSafeCoin become real SafeCoin is the day the live network has launched and it sets sail on its voyage. We are expecting TestSafeCoin during Beta, so still two more Alphas to go.

Hero thanks helped a lot.

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Thanks for the post. I wondered how the exchange would go. I have my Maidsafe in a bitcoin wallet. How will it get from my bitcoin wallet to the live safe network?