CEP Idea: A YouTube-like website on the SAFE Network

A YouTube-like website on the SAFE Network featuring advanced features like comments, thumbnails, users and subscriptions.

I believe there is at least one developer who would be very interested in building something like this :wink:.

In my opinion this project’s budget would start at ~4,000 MaidSafeCoins depending on how advanced the features were, and I think 4 weeks would be a generous amount of time to give for development though I would imagine it would take less time.

The code for the project should be made fully open-source and be released under a FOSS License to help with other developers and contribute to the community as stated in MaidSafe’s Community Engagement Program v0.4 .

Overall, I think this could be a very beneficial project for the SAFE Network and would make it more accessible and give more reason to use the Alpha 2 network.

Please vote and spread this around if you like it.

It’s a good idea, but your quote for time is significantly under the actual amount of time it would take.

Youtube is a complicated beast, video files can get really big and you’re going to want to be able to fast forward through sections which means you need to take the various video formats and wrappers (flv, mkv, mov, mp4, etc) and break them in to multiple, smaller pieces (since I’m fairly sure the alternative is the users having to download the entire video file before they can play them).

You’ll need to implement transcoding from / to: 4k / 1080 / 720 / 480 using something like ffmpeg, since people will probably want to upload in a high quality but those watching probably won’t want to (for performance reasons, or on mobile devices).

Honestly, this project will likely take a few months for an experienced developer, it’s no where near as simple as you think - huge companies like Youtube make the projects look easy.

The budget that you’ve quoted is also of concern, what is the budget being used for? Either the budget should be nothing or much, much higher. If the developer is altruistic and does it for free, the budget should be 0, if the budget is to actually pay a developer for their time, you would be looking at closer to 30,000 MaidSafeCoins for the time requirements.

To clarify

This wasn’t meant to be an indictment of your idea, or an attempt to negotiate on price (I won’t be submitting a proposal) I just want to make sure that we’re setting appropriate and achievable targets to try and stop us ending up in another N99-esque scenario.


I guess budget is really for the proposal stage, for those wishing to ‘bid’ for the work - also specifying in detail what they plan to deliver for the budget.


Aye, I’ve added a clarification. Thanks Mark.


To make things simpler only the mp4 format would be accepted. Streaming is planned to be implemented by the browsers themselves which would make loading videos a lot faster.

A project like this would probably only implement a basic solution like is already seen in Vidy rather developing complicated workarounds.

A developer may want just want to make enough to pay for something important like university while working on project like this in their spare time.

I believe payment is made only on completion of the project or after certain goals would be reached, so even in the event the project were to fail no one would lose much other than the developer themselves in time. Also I was taking a look at and have a good idea of how the code work on the network side already and would be more than happy to go into it in more detail if a the proposal was accepted.

I completely understand and this is further evidence for your support for the SAFE Network and to challenge ideas that you think are wrong or misleading.


I also changed it so it says starting from rather than giving a range which could be constrictive.


There’s also secondary things like user experience, design and testing. In order for the SAFE network to be truly successful, normal people have to like how our tools look and work, it’s important that they feel familiar, usable and elegant.

For example: people recording video on OSX or IOS will likely be creating .MOV files, so we’ve instantly excluded all those users from the platform. We should do the extra work to try and support as many people as possible. SAFE: Secure access for everyone.

I understand that you could create a minimum viable product for less, but in my opinion, Vidy1.0 was that minimalist job, it’s time for us to pay for and get a video platform with near feature parity with the rest of the internet, rather than settling. I feel that a multi-tiered proposal would work better where you set a tiered goal structure, rather than getting a bumper pay at the end, to help support the work in-vitro and during development:

  • X MaidSafeCoin for an app design the community is happy with
  • X MaidSafeCoin for the ability to upload and consume MP4 files
  • X MaidSafeCoin for transcoding from (…) to MP4

I hope this isn’t just reselling pre-made code, I think that’s double-dipping and a bit dishonest

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I understand where you are coming from and a having a real YouTube competitor on the SAFE Network would be a “killer-app”, however at this stage it seems like that is quite a bit off. One of the main things the I think the SAFE Network community could do with is more apps and developers (which would make a real YouTube competitor on the SAFE Network a reality), but to do that you would need to make a development more accessible with proof of concepts. This project would showcase accounts, subscriptions, editable content, uploading files, streaming videos and comments all at once, most of which I believe will be quite helpful for any developer who plans to implement similar features. I do agree with you though in the long term when the SAFE Network is fully released (if not sooner) a real YouTube competitor would be essential, however till then this could prove to be quite useful. Also as a small scale project and I believe its potential budget and timescale would reflect that.

You are right that when the SAFE Network is accessible on iPhones they should have access to use the websites, and I would certainly try to support .MOV files but till then this would be satisfactory.


I agree with you. No need to worry the code for this project and your Swipey would have vast differences, really the only similarity between them is the fact they have accounts. Swipey has private messages between accounts and matches. This project would have streaming videos, subscriptions and public comments. And all code of this would be made public in any case for everyone to verify for themselves whether or not the code was unique.

Fair enough – if you build and open-source the rest of the app, I’ll raise a pull request to the repository adding an ffmpeg wrapper support. :slight_smile:


There is this project called DTube. Have a look. It has opens source code, looks quite nice and uses a combination of STEEM and IPFS. I don’t know how much work it is to port it to SAFE. But their UI looks quite nice so maybe that could be helpful?


If the developer who made this were to make a website like this article says, it might take longer and cost more to develop, though it would be very useful for giving other developers a demo and an idea of the new type of websites that could be built on the SAFE Network.

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Could it be based on some previous open source project e.g. MediaGoblin? Is it possible to adapt previous systems to work on MaidSAFE?

EDIT: @polpolrene already has suggested DTube, which seems far more approriate at a quick glance.

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here and suggest that instead of re-inventing the wheel, why not make an advanced API to allow existing “regular internet websites” to run a SafeNet Vault and via some sort of bridge or gateway, their “regular Internet site” can begin a process of migration over to SafeNet while still allowing front end access to “regular Internet users”?

There are already existing sites competing with YouTube, such as for example: BitChute. They already use WebTorrent so it is not as if they’re opposed to things like freedom and decentralization.

I already have detailed ideas for systems like this, I just need to find some time to write them up and create some visual demos and maybe some videos or something. However for now, I am just intending to mention that with such an API – there are already plenty of non-mainstream sites competing with their mainstream counterparts, and SafeNet would provide them with a technology advantage that their mainstream counterparts couldn’t possibly compete with. At least, not unless they also decide to use SafeNet. Which hey that would be cool as well. Let some multi-billion dollar megacorps setup SafeNet Vaults. We won’t be complaining :slight_smile:


I would also like to add to that, the fact that Facebook already also has people trying to compete with them and one such promising competitor, is: Minds.

The genius of a SafeNet API being used with Minds is that Minds is also an open source project. In a nutshell (and this is already obvious it just feels good to say it), anyone who has the capability can take this source code and open up their very own Social Media Website that has all of the features that Minds has. Imagine how much more powerful this open source project would be if it also included a SafeNet API? The drool is already starting to roll down my chin :smiley:


This would be really awesome! It’s important that there are platforms like this in the decentralized net. zeronet has some small attempts here and there. Most of them are saturated with porn though lol

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I believe somebody is already working on one;


I’m on Steem but there is a lot of censorship / abuse within that system from some of the folks who run the infrastructure, as well as the fan-base of those people. A mere difference of opinion on a topic can render your Steemit account crippled, such as mine as been.

The idea of basing an equity-based currency on a social-economy rather than a business-economy, is brilliant in and of itself. But the abuses within the system come from the fact that seeing as blockchain technology, albeit decentralized, still depends on some centralization and thus does have points of failure – those who run the infrastructure become so over protective of their assets that they become abusive and money becomes more important to them than community.

SafeNet has no such weaknesses, and thus such abuses will be impossible on SafeNet. With any luck, perhaps blockchain-driven systems might build their infrastructure on top of SafeNet allowing the owners of those structures to relax and focus more on working with the community instead of viewing the community itself as a threat to the very infrastructure built to server the community.

Overall, I think SafeNet is going to be the solution to a great many problems.