Censorship in this forum

There is a guy in this forum who promotes communism and when I try to let him down my post is flagged as inappropriate and hidden and I received a warning. His posts are kept public. I do not care who flagged me or if I get ban forever. But this is wrong. If I am the wrong guy here, than there is some serious problem. I would rather die than let anyone promote communism and deny its crimes without fighting him.


We’re open to a lot of discussion on this forum. But a conversation about communism is off-topic from the post you replied to. As far as I can see there was a personal attack in it as well. We’re a bit strict on these things. This is a family friendly forum. And personal attacks trigger more personal attacks etc.

If you want to have a conversation with someone about communism, create a topic in the #off-topic category and tag that person and keep things in line with the guidelines.

I moved this post to the #meta category.

Hope that helps a bit.


I am sorry, but that guy wrote this:

  1. No, there can’t be different takes on communism. There is history of tens of millions of people killed and over billion who have and had to live without basic human rights.
  2. Every single word he has written is an insult to hundreds of million of people who were forced to live their misserable lives because of communism.
  3. Denying of communistic crimes is a crime itself in many countries.
  4. I feel heavily insluted by what he wrote personaly
  5. I feel insulted by everyone who liked his post
  6. I feel more insulted by marking my post inapropriate and not his
  7. If there are rules in this forum that people shoule be familiar, than he should be banned the moment he tried to talk abou safenet as communistic idea.
  8. Rules are just general way how to keep life simple. But sometimes rules are wrong, because rules does not count with extreme situations.
  9. I will insult any person again and again if that person advocated any system where human rights are broken. And I do think, It is very OK to say publicly he is an idiot and danger to humanity. And I do feel such claim is very friendly especialy in this society where the main goal is freedom for everyone. And he is the one advocating political system where freedom is broken on all possible levels.
  1. I grew up in a Communist country, and am now living in a Capitalist country because of marriage.

  2. Capitalism killed my entire tribe and bombed it so far into oblivion that I can no longer understand my grandmother’s lullaby. I have cousins who died less than 2 months after birth because of the aftermath of a Capitalist war. If I can curb my feelings and not discuss Communism on the wrong thread, you can as well.

  3. There was a clear agreement that that thread was not appropriate for this line of discussion. If you would like to pursue this discussion, feel free to open up a thread on #off-topic.

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