Category: Inter-forums

MaidSAFE and ProjectSAFE benefit from having people who keep an eye on other similar efforts and they come here to discuss parallels and good approaches. But there are also people who frequent these forums that either are professional technologists or do a good job volunteering similar quality. Let there be a category called inter-forums for those willing to be members at other similar forums with the intent of helping to foster integration and accelerate the innovation similar efforts. This implies other inter-forums at the other sites. Its not an unusual structure, manufactures do this to make sure the efforts of their engineering divisions meld into cohesive products.

For MaidSAFE and ProjectSAFE it would be good intentional intelligence to keep level with what is going on in the wider world, in a summarized way. There a lots of good people who just have to feel that they an understanding of the state of the art industry and are happy to share and converse to further their own knowledge and that of others.

If someone thinks the emule people might like to talk to the Flattr people to bring their efforts together on SAFE an inter-forum would be a good place to talk about the state of that project, and it would also keep that off the SAFE main page until it was appropriate. This runs counter to the way egos work generally but MaidSAFE, Etherium, BitTorrent, emule, Flattr, are idealistic enough projects that it could work. It used to be the purpose that trade magazines served, but a set of deliberate largely mirrored inter-forums could be much more real time and dynamic.

There is one person on this forum that does such a good job of this type of stuff already for MaidSAFE that I wonder if the other entities are going without and their not having such a person would be a big loss for the over all goal.

Their could be some neat sub categories almost like projects themselves, i.e., MaidSAFE/BitTorrent. I would hope though that only positive comparison would be encouraged, we only ever want to build these efforts up. We have to respect the similar vision of others, we can’t do it alone.