Case sensitive Public IDs

Now that it seems data may be persistent across all upcoming test networks, its time to make sure I have the Public IDs I need.
So are Public IDs case sensitive?

Is southside == Southside == SouthSide ==SOUTHSIDE ?

To prevent domain-squatting, should I register them all or only one?


As far as I know yup, because only lowercases are permitted in the WHM.

You only need to register “southside”


I’m not sure if they are case sensitive.

I think best not case sensitive, because it makes them easier to remember and harder to spoof.

But that would need to be enforced by the network and I’m not sure if that’s even feasible.

You could enforce it in SAFE browser and the client libs, but there may be other browsers and the client libs can be changed too, so it might not be enough.



Hmmmm @happybeing you might be right, because in the Decorum wallet and our wallet you can register publicIDs:
southside, Southside, SouthSide and SOUTHSIDE

In the demo app it was all lowercase.

At the moment it looks like it


I know data might be persistent soon, but since the data was never paid for with SAFE Coin will it be brought over to the final release of the SAFE Network?


Yes, good point, and if you do it at the network level you’d have to take different languages and charsets into account. Even so, I can then come up with another charset that is supported in my own set of apps and evade the restriction.

No, I don’t think so.


Right, we will change this. Display names with capital letters (and other special characters) are interesting, but SAFE’s standard publicID system seems to first and foremost serve as DNS so that introduces the necessary restrictions.


So I will be safe (chortle) with only ‘southside’ ?

No - cos I just registered it - mwahahaha! *

  • not really

I would say that it is almost certain that any data before release candidates will be wiped. Imagine all that potentially corrupt data sitting on the network waiting to trip something up. And all that test data that could do the same thing. Then all those datachains that could have old versions of blocks that are now incompatible and waiting to trip things up.

Nope I would not trust data until release candidates and the dev team says that they believe there will be no more need to wipe data.