Carpooling from the Netherlands, through Belgium to Ayr - SAFE DevCon 2018

I’d like to go to the SAFE DevCon 2018 conference, but its quite expensive to go by plane.
I have a car with 6 seats. Are there any volunteers to travel together to Ayr, and split the costs (diesel and boat)?
The route will be +/- 1200 kilometers:

  • Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • Antwerpen (Belgium)
  • Calais (France)
  • London (UK)

Visit will look something like:

  • Travel on saturday
  • Rest on sunday and enjoy the scottish area
  • Enjoy the conference on Monday
  • Travel back on Tuesday

Total travel costs will be around 250/300 euro.

I don’t mind sleeping in a tent somewhere :-).



Dude, I would love to…

It’s just that…it’s on a monday. I would have to take the monday and tuesday off. And since it’s going to be livestreamed anyway, I guess I’ll just watch it later that monday-evening, wearing my Safe-shirt and sweatpants while stuffing my face with chips and popcorn.

Have you checked if there is still place on the boat from Calais to Dover (I guess) and back?
Because from experience 2 years ago that was a problem for Ijmuiden - Newcastle when trying to book 2 months or so in advance.

but its quite expensive to go by plane

Ryanair: Brussels Charleroi --> Glasgow Sat 21 apr: 34 Euro, <-- Tue 24 apr: 17 Euro…
And with Scotrail Glasgow <–> Ayr: 8 a 9 pounds?

A live streaming/interactive voting/questions event would be good… to allow us incumbered by huge distances/costs to also participate in RT?

Oke interesting, I checked it, so far it is still possible, but good to keep in mind. The flights you found are indeed much cheaper than I got with easyyet from amsterdam (175 Euro).

But if people still want to drive, just reply, and we’ll see if it will be worth it or not.


I’m looking forward to their decision on who can attend… airfare prices to GLA and train to Ayr will keep going up the closer we get to the convention date. Fares are pretty fair at the moment though.

I was checking flights and so on and gosh had it been good to be able to fly to Prestwick from a Swedish airport, but seems it’s only flying to the sun from there.
So I’ll be having like train to Stockholm, then flight to Glasgow, then bus and train to Ayr. And that’s really smooth compared to all else I found.
If I don’t include staying at the airport over the night, I think I can get there in under 9 hours :slight_smile:
Going to be a bit mushy maybe :slight_smile:
I thought for a while that I could rent a car in Glasgow and it would be an awesome trip down to Ayr, but then I remembered I’m probably going to be exhausted, and driving on the “wrong” side. :grimacing: Nah. Better not :slight_smile:


Good luck with your plans!

@nicklambert is handling this, but there is no set of people to attend, its first come really, so anyone going should just drop Nick a line.


We already have your request @jlpell so many thanks for that and we’ll confirm everything this coming week. Anyone interested in going should send a mail to Cheers.