Carboncoin on SAFE instead of the block chain?

Some may see carbon accounting as a form of universal tax which by nature of its mechanism will strip us of useful privacy and hence carbon accounting’s use of the block chain ledger.

They may also have a problem with carbon accouting itself. I would grant that it may be possible to challenge the climate change narrative on its scope and apparent causes and the best technical response, but I see the political narrative as accurate and compelling beyond all other foreseeable world narratives. Also, I see the so-called fossil fuel industry as a technically obsolete politically unsustainable villian attempting to stand in the way the next economic evolution.

Please comment.

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What do you mean by “Carboncoin”?

Carboncoin is an actual crypto currency. Its inventor didn’t want a mining based block chain because it implied unnecessary environmental damage.

I thought you meant that. It’s been Proof of Work for a couple of years, the inventor should have gone with Proof of Stake if he was sincere about environmental damage from mining.

It was decided that for our purposes, blockchain and the resources available to us, the problems of proof of stake outweighed the advantages in our case. We continue to be extremely energy efficient without compromising on security.

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