Car Thief Presidential Candidate

Imagine a Presidential Candidate who’s credentials were: I am a very successful car thief. I steal people’s cars, strip them for parts and sell those parts for a living. My business is grand theft auto. Its made me rich. This was Mitt Romney. His platform was crime and appeals to criminality and war mongering. He was a true villain akin to running the Joker from the Batman series. We could have put that super clown in power. The usually liberal people of MA supposedly did. We were possibly hanging by the thread of this guy having come from a fringe religious background where the group’s founding charismatic leader is loudly supposed by some to have had similar traits. We were hanging by the thread of having to rely on fundamentalism vs fundamentalism. We have to let go of this delusional money religion based on theft where we get sacrificed.

Suicidal Tendencies: Send Me Your Money lyrics:

"Lights, camera, silence on the set
Tape rolling, 3, 2, 1, action
Welcome to the Church of Suicidal
We’ll have a sermon and a wonderful recital

But before we go on there’s something I must mention
An important message I must bring to your attention
I was in meditation and prayer last night
I was awakened by a shining bright light

Overhead a glorious spirit
He gave me a message and you all need to hear it
"Send me your money," that’s what he said
He said to “Send me your money”

Now if you can only send a dollar or two
There ain’t a hell of a lot I can do for you
But if you want to see heaven’s door
Make out a check for five hundred or more

"Send me your money"
Do you hear what I said?
“Send me your money”

Now give me some bass, umm, yeah, that’s how he likes it
Now give me some silence, for all you sinners
Now give me some bass, yea that was funky
Now take them on home Brother Clark, send me your money

Here comes another con hiding behind a collar
His only god is the almighty dollar
He ain’t no prophet, he ain’t healer
He’s just a two bit goddamn money stealer

Send me your money
Send it, you got to send it
Send me your money

You hear what I’m saying?
“Send it, send it
Send me your money”

How much you give is your own choice
But to me it is the difference between a Porsche and a Rolls Royce
I want you to make it hurt when you dig into your pocket
’Cause it makes me feel so good to watch my profits rocket

Send me your money

Now dig in deep, dig real deep into your pocket
I want you to make it hurt, we’ll take cash, we’ll take checks
We’ll take credit cards, we’ll take jewelry
We’ll take your momma’s dentures if they got gold in them

So whose gonna be the next king of the fakers
Whose gonna take the place of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker?
See my momma, she didn’t raise no fool
’Cause you can’t put a price on a miracle


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