Capitalism & Communism died together in the early 70s

In the early 70’s we realized we had the tech for abundance. Capitalism died because capitalists elites didn’t want to give up their power and relative wealth in a transition to a society based on abundance and instead started doing everything they could to bring about a society based on arbitrary coercion or essential slavery. The communists at that point realized that capitalism had succeeded in the stage goal Marx had set for it and so despite public rhetoric there was no reason for the continued conflict between the two systems, we were already in the post capitalist stage. What was coming next was bound to be planned.

What we have today is the worst of both systems. In planning a phony economy and suppressing tech to enforce artificial scarcity we have the worst of ridged planning and of course we’ve been left with the worst most parasitic elements of capitalism left in charge as demonstrated by the current GOP and entities like ALEC. Its now very out in the open with the attempts to squeeze people to death with more and more work arbitrary unnecessary work for lower and lower wages while at the same time trying to make people feel guilty while trying to strip away protections and equate the unfortunate with criminality. Japan’s planned stock market in the late 80s was another sign and it presaged the disaster in Japan.

Capitalism hasn’t been tried yet.

We have crony subsidies and all kinds of market manipulation. What we have is far from the blueprint.

Communism didn’t go according to blueprint either – but that was because building a tyranny that is supposed to eventually give way to a peaceful anarchy leads to building a tyranny. Tyrants don’t like going away.

I think we had 30 years of Capitalism which ended in 70. It suffers from the same basic problem as Communism which is who will enforce the rules of the game if not the players. How can you coerce people to be free? You can’t.

Don’t buy it. After the New Deal you have oligopolies and social safety nets, price supports, ag and other subsidies. Those are not capitalism.

If you don’t have a prarrie or homesteader model with a great wide open frontier how can go with out those controls? In order to unleash the model that will maximize tech development and progress at the greatest rate we are going to need to find easy access to more planets or dimensions. Otherwise we end up with a bunch of people who are in the way and killing, sterilization and prison arent acceptable options. We end up more steady state.

We dont even have enough space to get by on natural blighting and redevelopment we end up cababalizing to redevelop through war or too much acquisitional turn over. America was built out and the post war redevelopment was done in a matter of decades and during that golden period even with constraints capitalism delivered the pay off of tech that can shift us from scarcity to abundance. Way more abundance than we ever had during aggrarian and more than in the hunter gatherer with great comforts.

We can’t do raw capitalism without access to another great wide open so that people who dont have the drive, inclination or talent can opt out of the way. And that’s not even counting exceptions for those who are too old or young. We cant even do it from a drive and competitive stand point because bulit out economies the globe over end up with no room to incubate challegers a get stuck with market oligopolied.

We’re in a tough situation. Id say its akin to a traffic jam or constipation. Even Robber Barron charity might be enough if we had the great wide open. Remember that before the New Deal we had poor houses where people were sent to die, but out of plain sight. Think of a human pound but without euthanasia.